WordPress user chat plugin

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WordPress user chat plugin

WordPress user chat plugin

What are WordPress user Chat Plugins?

wordpress chat room plugin is a small software on WordPress websites. Work just like other best chat room plugin for wordpress. These plugins or mini software establish a simple two-way communication on all WordPress websites. Furthermore, WordPress user Chat Plugin adds new functions and functionalities of Chat on any WordPress website. In addition to this WordPress, user Chat plugins are made on PHP programming language. This language is for the incorporation of the Chat program on any website. In short, these WordPress user Chat plugins are a efficient, satisfactory, and simple way of communication. Indeed Chat plugins are vital for the success of WordPress websites.


Importance of WordPress user Chat Plugins

In 2021 WordPress websites are used to establish an online business. This online business must have good customer service. However, this customer service depends upon Chat Plugins. As chat plugins establish two ways of communication.

this best live chat plugin for wordpress acts fast and provides service support within a split second. Furthermore, the WordPress user clear Chat plugin is best suited for a chat to provide customer support. Indeed Through these plugins owner of any website can solve customer complaints in a short time. These Plugins also give a quick response to any complaint on the website.

With WordPress user's universal Chat plugins there is no need to send emails or any support tickets to customers. As this way of communication was on old less responsive websites. Likewise, this way of communication requires much time and effort. Indeed these WordPress users Chat plugin works some like other messaging apps. There is no difference between the message system of WordPress user chat plugins and what’s the app, Google chat, or FB messenger. It is why these plugins are interactive and provide a quick response. These two features make these plugins perfect for online business websites.

Additionally, Thess plugins are made by WordPress which makes these plugins 100 % compatible with all WordPress themes.

WordPress user Chat Plugins are easy to use

WordPress User Chat plugins add a Live chat option to any WordPress website. Here Through these plugins, users can have a live chat with each other. It means that message can be delivered and received at the same time. Indeed, this feature for online websites.

Interestingly WordPress User Chat plugins are easy to install and use. There is no need to learn any programming language to install these plugins. Once these plugins are installed on WordPress websites users can have a live chat.

.How to install WordPress user Chat Plugins

WordPress users chat plugins are easy to install. Furthermore, many of these users' plugins are not free. If any website owners want to install these plugins on their websites .than they can buy these plugins from WordPress websites. Users can Pay for these plugins can be made through a PayPal debit card or visa.

After buying these WordPress users Chat plugins installation requires Three steps

Step #1

Log in to WordPress Account. Click on the dashboard to view the option on the left side of the plugin.


Click on add new option. After selecting the pure chat option. This pure chat option is present on the top right side.

Step #3

After clicking on the pure chat option users can install and activate the WordPress user chat plugin.

After installation is complete, click on the pure chat option. This option will show a live chat option called a chatbox on your WordPress websites. In addition to this chat, the box option can be activated on all electronic devices Android and iOS.

Features of WordPress users Chat plugins

WordPress users Chat plugins with Admin Chat area

WordPress users Chat plugins have an admin area with a clean interface. This admin chat area helps to manage all conservation. Plus it brings productivity to Job portal websites. Furthermore, here for chat users First access the admin chat area. However, all the chat through these plugins is present in the database. After this, all conservation is configured.

2- Chat options

WordPress users Chat plugins after installation on websites allows “live chat”. This means that here different users and users and admin can chat with each other in real-time. Interestingly to use the chat option there is no need to register oneself on any websites. In short, these chat plugins provide all the options similar to chat options provided by different chat applications.

Furthermore, here users can organize their use of different kinds of emojis. It is quite interesting because nowadays people love to use emojis in their conversation. Emojis add humor and are perfect to add lighten the mood in conversation. Users can use emojis in their chat when they are unable to find perfect words for particular situations.

3- Sharing option

These WordPress user chat plugins provide chat options and other sharing options as well to its users. This sharing option allows its users to share any video, picture, or document. These plugins have all the sharing options similar to sharing options by many messaging tools apps.

These plugins have a chatbox present in them. This chatbox allows its users to share any small video clip, document, voice note, or pictures. However, sharing option in this plugin is very secure. These WordPress user Chat plugins make sure that no third party can look into anybody other private conversation or any personal detail. This is why WordPress user chat plugins guarantee all the security indicators in sharing options.

4-Block spam

WordPress user Chat plugins make sure to facilities their users in all manners. It is why these plugins allow its user to select any person they want to have a conversation with. Here users can block any irrelevant people or spam messages.

This feature helps full as it helps to keep on a conversation in your chatbox. So with the Universal word Press chat plugin, there is no need to install any extra spam filter.

5-Multiple colors

There is a good range of colors available in all WordPress users Chat plugins for your chat. Furthermore, users can change all colors according to their liking.

6-RTL Version

RTL is an abbreviation of right to left.WordPress user Chat plugins use RTL directions to cover all their users. Furthermore, this feature is present in a few user's chat plugins. This RTL version makes Chat plugin multilingual. In other words, this feature allows conversation on chat plugins through multiple languages. Indeed this feature helps to extend the users of any websites.



7-Real time

This WordPress user Chat plugin provides conversation in real-time. Here chat is complete through text messages. there is another sort of conversation as well which incorporates, emojis, and stickers. Indeed, this sort of conversation creates a multi-user environment. Additionally, any person can address one-to-one without being exposed. This option is present in all the best live chat plugins for WordPress.


A WordPress user chat plugins are full of a feature that help in creating a chat simple and straight forward for its users. Plus its is compatible with all sorts of word press themes.



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