The golden circle of love and spiritual connection

Author : rkuma266
Publish Date : 2021-03-22 11:34:42
The golden circle of love and spiritual connection

Women's circle, men's circle, children's circle, literary circle, study circle, business circle, artists' circle and other circles of people with this need to connect with their fellow human beings. Why do humans have this need to form relational circles?

Men have always had this gregarious instinct to come together to discuss. These discussions can take place in a circle. Circularity promotes the passage of speech. A fair exchange takes place between each other where everyone can find their place.

It's a winner and a winner. And we have every interest in reconnecting with this spirituality of the circle, this golden circle of love to find our origin, our essence, our place as man and woman.

This spirituality is that of wonder, that of life, that of meaning. The one that enchants the heart when we are present in the world around us. Children are open and curious. They see things with a dreamlike gaze. They are able to have this natural wonder.

In this dream, there is this part of intuition that takes you to incredible worlds of the imagination. Children fearlessly relate to this great mystery of life. They let themselves go into the ineffable, into the unknown, into the unspeakable with a wide-open heart.

The invisible is the world of feelings, the one that is revealed in each of our hearts. Children have the ability to be connected to this great universe. They dream they hear, they respond to the calls of this universe. The visible is life, what is present. Crossing these bridges between dream and reality will allow us to nourish our dream of love, will help us to awaken the sensitive chord of our soul.

When I accompanied my students in this space of listening and welcoming emotion, I allowed them to enter into a relationship with their creative part to develop internally and externally.

Creating moments of dreams in his classroom is a permanent reflection that has settled over the years of my experience. But it also quickly became obvious in my daily life. There is no need for material or any other knowledge to touch the dream of love, the spirituality of the meaning of life. However, there is a need to be aware of it in order to develop it.

I know that it is sometimes difficult to make singular and conscious choices, to find resources in oneself, to pass the tests of life. It is not only in silence to oneself that we find answers but it is in this relational connection to the other. This creative force pushes us towards the other, these comings and goings which nourishes the interior and which we then bring into the world. This movement from one to the other is creation.

Meeting in a circle, especially in my class, allowed me to feel the group. Very quickly, in these talking circles, the introduction of a witness that one happens as soon as one speaks became a basis for relational connection. This object of speaking and listening makes it possible to be present at his word but also to welcome that of the other person.

The word of man settles down. And all this contributes to the development of the dream of common love, to the construction of one's confidence, to self-knowledge and therefore to the presence of one's own dream of love.

Listening to everyone's dreams and dreaming together help to envelop love in a setting of softness and authenticity.


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