Office cleaning. General cleaning guide: frequency, stages, products, and tips

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Office cleaning. General cleaning guide: frequency, stages, products, and tips

The office represents both the workspace on which the company's success depends and the place where you meet with the clients. That is why the cleanliness of the office is so important: on the one hand, for the well-being, health, and productivity of the employees and, on the other hand, for the company's image.

A company with a clean and organized office suggests seriousness and trust, and an office where there is a visible need for cleanliness will raise questions in the eyes of customers. In addition, given how much time employees spend at the office, it is important to provide them with a pleasant environment. For this, maintenance cleaning is not enough, but you periodically need a general cleaning.


Frequency of general office cleaning

One of the most common dilemmas on this subject is related to frequency: more precisely, how often office cleaning is done. To keep the cleaning efficiently, it is advisable to divide the activities into two: maintenance cleaning and general cleaning. Maintenance cleaning involves daily or more frequent activities than once a week. Instead, general cleaning can be done monthly or weekly.

Every business is different, and the cleaning needs are diverse. You can estimate more often how often you need to clean the office if you take into account a few factors. The frequency of general office cleaning is influenced by:

  • Field of activity of the company. There are businesses that operate in areas with special requirements for cleanliness (for example, the office of a medical clinic).
  • The ratio between the available space and the number of employees. The more people working in a space, the more often general cleaning is needed.
  • Maintenance cleaning. When cleaning the office as per the book, the frequency of general cleaning may decrease.

General cleaning requires a prior supply. You will need cleaning and disinfection solutions, accessories, but also certain electronic devices, which help you to clean more efficiently.


Solutions and other consumables

  • parquet solution
  • solution for other floors (tiles)
  • solution for wooden furniture
  • solution for universal surfaces
  • solution for cleaning windows
  • disinfectant solution
  • disinfectant wet wipes
  • solution against mold
  • odorous

Accessories and other office cleaning products

  • Lavete
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Bucket with mop
  • Household gloves
  • Garbage bags


  • vacuum cleaner, together with the right accessories

Stages of general office cleaning


1. Organizing office cleaning

First, you will require to put all the objects in place, according to the Vacuums Guide. From the papers that need to be organized into folders or stationery scattered on the desk, free the surfaces so you can wipe them. Make sure you put these items in order from the beginning so you don't have to go back to them during cleaning.


2. Cleaning the ceiling and walls

Wipe the ceiling and walls to prevent spider webs. In some areas, the walls are dirtier and you will have to insist, such as near switches.


3. Cleaning the windows, inside and outside

Start by cleaning the frames and the sill well. Then wash the windows with water, a little solution, and a cloth or sponge to remove dirt. You can use the wiper and then remove any traces with a microfiber cloth. Last but not least, the tools used depend on how many windows you have to clean. The larger the surfaces, the more efficient a process you need. Window cleaning is not a simple or fast operation, so it is important to find the most efficient option for the company.


4. Cleaning of appliances, electronics, and their accessories

Dust and dirt quickly accumulate on monitors, keyboards, mice, as on any other electronics in an office. There are several ways you can clean them. You can remove the dust with a cloth and then use a cloth with a little disinfectant. Do not lose sight of the luminaires, which must also be cleaned.


5. Surface cleaning

Use products suitable for the type of surfaces, especially if it is wooden furniture.


6. Garbage collection and disposal

Collect garbage from all rooms. It is good to recycle for a reduced impact on the environment, so it is ideal for making sure that the garbage is sorted properly. Especially if you work with large amounts of paper, it's a waste to send it to the landfill instead of making sure it will be recycled.


7. Floor cleaning

It is good to start by removing dirt, using a vacuum cleaner or a broom and a prank, in smaller spaces. Then, you need a wet cleaning and the use of a disinfectant. You can use the classic mop bucket or more modern products, such as the electric steam mop.


General cleaning in the spaces adjacent to the office

The products and stages already presented refer to the office itself and spaces such as the conference room and the waiting hall. But an office also has adjacent spaces, such as the kitchen and bathroom, which have different rules and needs in terms of general cleaning.


General cleaning in the office kitchen

The more intensely the employees use the kitchen, the more you will have to clean. A clear policy of using the kitchen will save you effort, recommends the Founder's Guide. In addition to the sink and table, which must be cleaned and disinfected daily, for general cleaning, you will also have to take care of the faience, refrigerator, and other appliances, such as the coffee machine.


General cleaning in the office bathroom

Compared to the products already mentioned, you will need in addition a solution for the toilet bowl. As activities, the usual ones are included, from maintenance cleaning: cleaning the toilet, cleaning the sink and the mirror, cleaning the floors, and throwing garbage. At the general cleaning, you will have to pay attention to some additional aspects: to wipe the tiles with a cloth and a disinfectant, to clean the cabinets and shelves, doorknobs, lighting fixtures, and any other objects that are in the bathroom.


Tips for general office cleaning

Keep wet disinfectant wipes on hand to clean dirt locally. You will have fewer things to do if the company's employees manage to keep the office clean.

If the organization part, necessary for the general cleaning, takes too long due to the large volume of papers, consider their electronic archiving. Some documents can be scanned and then accessed digitally without the need for a physical copy.

When moping, use signs that indicate that the floors are wet to avoid accidents.

If you do not have enough time, do not compromise on cleanliness. Turn to a specialized company for professional cleaning services in Gig Harbor. This saves time and no need to stock up on cleaning products.

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