Important FAQs about floorboard installation

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Publish Date : 2021-09-10 13:28:20
Important FAQs about floorboard installation

While installing new floorboards, you have lots of questions in your mind. While hardwood or timber flooring can be an excellent choice for your house, even the vinyl floorboards and engineered wood provide you the same look of these wooden floors. While you select the ideal solution for your floors, you might as well get your queries solved about them.

Answering important questions about floorboard installations

Before you go installing entirely new flooring, remember you have the chance of renovating your old hardwood as well. You just have to call experts to polish or stain your existing wooden flooring. In Wellington, Native Grain Flooring provides you this service really well and you can enjoy your existing hardwood floors for some more years. But if you want to install new floorboards, then read about the FAQs below:

  • Can you install hardwood floors yourself? — If you are really a pro in installing hardwood floors and have some experience of doing the work already, then you can try installing hardwood floors. But we wouldn't recommend you doing so even if you have some knowledge about it. It is because hardwood floors require an extensive expense. And if you are spending so much, what is the use of leaving chances of errors by installing the floors by yourself? And if something goes wrong during this process, the damage that you face is long-lasting and the remedy very expensive as well. So, why not call only the experts to install the hardwood floor in your house?
  • Is the underlay for floating floorboards important? — For floating floorboards, an underlay is a must. It helps in insulating the floor better and it stays in its place properly. Thanks to this layer, the floorboards can be installed even in wet rooms and where there is a constant temperature fluctuation.
  • Which flooring is the easiest to install through the DIY technique? — If you want to install the floorboards yourself, then go for the ‘easy to stick’ vinyl flooring. These can imitate hardwood floors really well and can be installed even by yourself (even without any experience). What's more, even if you make a mistake in installing vinyl floors, you can pull them out and re-stick them with the help of an adhesive. And since they are very budget-friendly, you don't lose much money even if you have to redo the installation job.
  • How long do you have to wait before walking on the newly installed floorboards? — If it is engineered floorboard or vinyl flooring, then you can start walking on it as soon as the installation process is finished. But if you are going for the hardwood floors, they take up to five days to settle themselves after the polishing and sanding process is complete. So, you have to avoid walking on these planks until they are finally set in their place.

Floorboards of all these types are actually quite preferable across the world both for residential and commercial properties. But since the installation process stays of utmost importance, remember to never compromise on it. Only then can you enjoy great looking floorboards in your home for long

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