Gyroboard UFT SwiftBoard with Bluetooth-speaker Champagne

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Publish Date : 2021-04-26 06:51:43
Gyroboard UFT SwiftBoard with Bluetooth-speaker Champagne

Gyroboard UFT SwiftBoard with 6.5-inch wheels and weighing only 10 kg is capable of speeds up to 15 kilometers per hour. In this case,(Cheap Electric Scooter UK)you can drive about 15-20 km on a single charge.


UFT SwiftBoard is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to enjoy music from your mobile device while driving.

Like any other means of transportation, the gyro board improves coordination of movements, develops the muscles of the legs, back, and abs, while the gyro board will do most of the work for you, keeping the balance due to three reliable TaoTao boards and a powerful 700 W electric motor.

Gyrobord makes your life incredibly diversified. It will be an excellent alternative to roller skates or a skateboard, it will be appreciated by amateurs for outdoor activities and walks. For example, daily walks with the dog will become even more fun now.

Gyroboard UFT SwiftBoard is a modern solution for moving around large offices, warehouses and other objects where there is a frequent need to travel long distances.

Features of the model:
● The function of a Bluetooth speaker
● Landscape: asphalt, paving stones
● Not recommended for use in rain
● Board type - 3 TaoTao boards
● LED indication
● Battery discharge indicator
● Tires - solid
● Body - high-strength plastic ABC
● Brakes - electronic with ABS (motor braking)
● Temperature range of use: -15 ° to 50 °

Hoverboard SmartWay Lambo Led New 10

Hoverboards Lambo LED New 10 compares favorably with similar models due to the presence of LED backlighting and a striking print. Equipped with the latest technology, at the same time, this gyro board is a reliable, absolutely safe, and comfortable type of personal transport. The ease of use is that the gyro board quickly charges and holds a charge for a long time.

Gyroboard Lambo LED New 10 has an incredibly bright and stylish design, excellent functional equipment, and technical characteristics. Its main parameter, which you will immediately notice, is LED backlighting, which looks quite impressive in the evening and at night.

The gyro board is equipped with an onboard computer, with the help of which commands are given to the wheels, each of which has an independent electric motor. Learning to drive the Lambo LED New 10 is quick and easy. The computer reacts to the slopes of the platform where the driver is standing since the gyro scooter is controlled by the effort of the feet: leaning forward / backward with different intensities, moving forward / backward, faster / slower.

Thanks to high-quality and well-thought-out equipment, the hoverboard provides fast movement on city streets and allows its use indoors. The compact size and lightweight of this gyro board allow you to store it anywhere - no additional space is needed.

Electric motors operate in a system with rechargeable batteries that need to be recharged from time to time, this will take about 1-2 hours.

The lifting capacity of the Lambo LED New 10 hoverboard or segways is designed for an adult weighing no more than 130 kg. The safety of this device is guaranteed by the manufacturer, you will feel comfortable and confident on it. In addition, this type of transport does not produce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, it is absolutely safe for the environment.

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