Everything You Need To Know About The Dubai Dolphinarium

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Everything You Need To Know About The Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai is one of the destinations that never disappoints its visitors. From natural wonders like a desert to human-made artificial beauty such as ice rake city and Dubai dolphinarium, the place will leave you WOW! Among its wonderful and eye-catching visit destinations, the Dubai dolphinarium is the one that attracts thousands of visitors each week. People worldwide come here to see how elegantly the place is kept and how wonderful it looks. Animal encounters and dolphin and seal shows are the main features you will get to witness here. This article has everything you need to know about the dolphinarium. Walk with us to know what this place has in the box for you!

Tour Overview:

What will come your way once you enter the Dubai dolphinarium? The question crosses every adventurous soul's mind, which is why so many visitors come to this place. The Middle East's first completely cooled Dolphinarium - Dubai Dolphinarium gives relentless family amusement and fun in its exceptional marine warm-blooded animal place. Spread more than 5,000 square meters inside Bur Dubai's Creek Park; it is furnished with a modern-day sound/light system and a 180-degree theater that has seating organized around a saltwater pool.

One of this delightful scene's vital features is the 45 minutes live Dolphins and Seal Show, wherein the unimaginably savvy bottlenose dolphins and hide seals give an outstanding presentation. At the same time, they are showing their insight and connecting with the crowd just as mentors. This allows you to get nearer to dolphins and seals and gain some intriguing data on the unfathomable marine life.

Swimming with Dolphins:

The most attractive feature of this dolphinarium is swimming with dolphins in Dubai. As an incredible fascination ideal for all age gatherings, it is sure that these superbly agreeable vertebrates will astound you all through with their unparalleled acrobats. From your completely masterminded indoor seating, you will watch them shuffling with brilliant balls, singing, painting, and even effectively going through the motions, among other marvelous demonstrations.

Activities you can enjoy:

Other than the swimming with Dolphins, you can add such intriguing meetings to your Dubai Dolphinarium visit as Dolphin Meet and Greet, Up-close and Personal to Dolphins, and Majestic Dolphin Swim, taking into account some nearby experiences with this great animal. Following are some of the activities you can enjoy while swimming with these marine creatures.

i) Planet-deep swimming with dolphins:

Experience a Majestic Dolphin Swim associating with the stunning dolphins on a cozy level. Appreciate a dorsal balance tow or belly ride just as having the option to embrace, kiss, and hit the dance floor with these mind-blowing mammals. You will be under the direction of master mentors who will be charmed to disclose to you more about the dolphin's practices, everyday natural surroundings, and more—ideal for more certain swimmers.

Key features:

The activity poses some outstanding features for the visitors. These are:

  • Interaction with the dolphins through hugs, kisses, and other playing activities
  • Kids from 8-12 years can play and swim with dolphins under this activity
  • Only four visitors can play and swim at a time
  • Kids must be accompanied by parents and guardians
  • You can enjoy wet interaction with dolphins
  • The ticket price is AED 630

ii) Planet shallow-water swimming with dolphins:

You can enjoy an Up Close and Personal dolphin experience which you will cherish for eternity. The shallow water connection with dolphins permits the visitors to interact with the dolphins in their current circumstances. Visitors are just in water up to knee height and are under mentor watch while they can contact, dance, sing and observe high-energy practices from the dolphins. The play is ideal for youngsters and individuals who are less certain about the water.

Key Features:

Following are some of the key features you should know before paying a visit.

  • Knee height shallow water interaction with dolphins
  • Only four persons can play and swim at a time
  • Kids from 7-12 can also play the activity
  • Kids need to be accompanied by parents or guardians
  • Interaction with your dolphins through hugs, kisses, and other playing activities
  • The ticket price is AED 475

Do these activities excite you? Grab your tickets today and pay a visit!

Dolphinarium Ticket Inclusions:

One must be thinking about the activities and parties included in the Dubai dolphinarium ticket. Well, the list is not too long, but we are mentioning it here. Let us go through the inclusions:

  • Admission ticket to live dolphin and seal show
  • You can access up-to-date marine mammal facilities
  • If you select the private transportation facility, you can enjoy pick and drop off facility

Enjoy a memorable experience of the dolphin show at Dubai dolphinarium!

Dubai is home to some amazing visit spots that leave the visitors WOW! Among the many spots, the Dubai dolphinarium is the one you should not overlook. Buy your tickets today and pay a visit to explore what the place has in the box for you!

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