Bring back the romance in your life – take some cues from the bedroom décor!

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-09-17 10:44:03
Bring back the romance in your life – take some cues from the bedroom décor!

We understand the amount of stress you have to face in your day-to-day life. But this doesn't mean that you have to impact your personal life due to the work pressure. Don't let the exterior factors alter your relationships. Keep the romance in your life alive to enjoy a wonderful and happy time. And whether you believe it or not, the romance being in the air concept is real. You can imagine its effectiveness with the fact that the romantic bedroom decor ideas trend almost every day on the Internet. So, if you want to keep the romance intact in your life, ensure that your bedroom feels the same.

Bedroom décor ideas keeping romance in mind

We all have seen that mischievous smile people give you when you utter the word – bedroom! Well, it’s because it’s the best space to enjoy some cosy, sweet, and romantic time with your partner. But you might know that ambience affects your mood a lot as well. Let us give you an example – will you feel romantic at all if your bedroom looks and smells like a garage? (We assume no!) That is why we think you should try these romantic bedroom décor tips to enhance the beauty of your personal space.

  • Paint it elegantly — Do you know there are some romantic colours out there just for bedrooms? Oh yes, these do exist and have the power to charm up your bedrooms beautifully. You can try dark red, sweet pink, lovely pastels or even moody blue to make your bedroom look more elegant and romantic. If you are selecting a particular theme rather than only concentrating upon a single colour for the entire bedroom, then it is all the better. For a perfectly coloured bedroom, contact Total Paint, the house painters in Auckland who provide the best results because of their latest equipment and trained professionals at work for the job.
  • Get the flair — A canopy might be an age-old tradition, but it certainly has some romantic vibes. And even creating this feature in your bedroom hardly requires rocket science. Just get lots of net or satin fabric in a lovely colour that matches your interior and add some eye hooks on the ceiling. Drape them covering your bed and enjoy a lovely looking bed that would welcome you each time you enter this room.
  • The royal scent — Scent is another factor that impacts your mood massively. When it’s your bedroom, ensure that it smells not just good, but amazing! Choose flowery fragrances or the ones that give you good vibes; use it in the bedroom (essential oils, scented candles etc.) to enjoy the romance in the air. (Like literally!)
  • Soft glowing lights — If you can install soft, glowing lights in your bedroom to enhance its feel, it is better. You can even pick some nice, decorative fixtures for them in such a case. But if you don’t want to spend so much and still enjoy a magical ambience, then you have some aromatic candles available in the market. They don’t just glow in the room rekindling the romance, but even smell heavenly. (Just remember to keep them away from the bed. You definitely don’t want the flame of your relationship turning into a real fire due to these candles.)

Even satin, soft, and luxury beddings add much-needed romance to your bedroom. Let them all be a part of your room and enjoy the spark in your relationship like never before! 

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