7 best calcium supplements available in India

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7 best calcium supplements available in India

Calcium is one of the most vital micronutrients. Calcium is of paramount importance and is the crucial mineral for maintaining the bone strength and structure. Even if calcium is found in a variety of foods that we intake, like dairy products, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, etc. Some people need it as a supplement to help meet their daily needs.

Although it may be challenging to select one best calcium supplement for women, we can help you decide it based on the following criteria.

  • Third-party testing and certifications
  • The type of calcium
  • Dosage and
  • The presence of added ingredients to enhance calcium absorption

Here are the top 7 best calcium supplements available in India

  1. HERA-Calcium Core

Calcium is important for healthy bones, joints, and teeth. Calcium and vitamin D3 are the most important combination of nutrients. Calcium and vitamin D3 helps to boost immunity. HERA focuses on women’s health and has sourced the best of the calcium supplement, which is absolutely clean, no side effects, easily absorbed by the body etc. The calcium aids in fetus’s bones, joints and teeth and Vitamin D3 which protects against birth complications and supports prenatal health, which is in 400 IU.

HERA comes with a month packed bottle that has 60 capsules, one need to take 2 capsules a day, throughout the pregnancy. One can easily purchase it from here: https://heranow.com/product/calcium-core/ Moreover, it is doctors certified, vegetarian certified and backed by science, and the standout feature of HERA Calcium core pills is that they are easy-to-swallow size.

  1. Nature made calcium

Nature-made calcium has 600 Mg of calcium carbonate, which is slightly higher than usual. This product also contains vitamin D3, which helps in increasing calcium absorption in the body. It is a good option for an average person, who wants to boost the body through calcium as a supplement in their intake of food. Its one bottle that has 220 days of supplementation for right around $10.

  1. Garden of life

Garden Of Life is a common brand for vegans who are seeking high-quality supplements and vitamins made without the use of any animal products. Just like the other calcium products as mentioned in our list, the Garden of life is one that is made with real fruits and vegetables and moreover, it contains 800 mg of calcium of organic algae. This one is also certified, gluten-free in nature, non-GMO, and also vegan.

  1. Calcium carbonate pure powder

Some women prefer getting the calcium in power form as their daily dose as it becomes easy to drink it for an extra boost. One half teaspoon of this kosher, vegan, non-GMO, and soy-free powder can offer 600 mg of calcium carbonate. But it is essential to keep in mind that just like the name says, Calcium carbonate pure powder is just the pure calcium in the powder form, so it is necessary to take vitamin D separately to maximize its absorption.

  1. Viactiv calcium

As your chocolate bar doesn't offer you all the necessary calcium you need in a day, and so two chocolate flavored Viactiv chews helps get the job done. While these delicious and yummy nutrient-packed treats seem like a real deal, providing 100% of the calcium carbonate along with vitamins D and K. Women’s opt to take it after the dinner—a two-in-one dessert and a supplement.

  1. Caltrate 600 + D3 Minis

There are so many reasons why women may love Caltrate Minis, which are specifically derived keeping the need of women in mind. It has an ample amount of calcium carbonate which is 600 mg, and enough vitamin D for proper absorption. The biggest complaint that many people have with other supplements is that the pill are too large to comfortably go down, but Caltrate is smaller than average in size and still offer you enough calcium to get through the day.

  1. Nature’s bounty calcium

Adding calcium and vitamin D to the diet is a right way to take preventative measures against the disease like Osteoprosis and nature’s bounty calcium can help as a supplement apart from the additional treatment medications. Nature’s Bounty Calcium is another calcium supplement available in the market, and is good for fighting bone loss. It’s bottle contains 120 rapid release capsules, containing 1200 mg calcium carbonate and 1000 IU vitamin D3 for absorption.

Lastly, HERA Calcium core is a high-quality, and also backed by science option that has everything you need—an ample amount of calcium carbonate, just the right amount of vitamin D to ensure proper absorption. Out of all the calcium supplements available in the market, HERA is the best-selling and is one of the most preferred best calcium supplements for women and highly rated for a reason.

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