2 Contact Page Design Tips

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Publish Date : 2021-06-10 06:38:12
2 Contact Page Design Tips

Visitors to your website have many different reasons to stop by our contact us page, whether you are a social media company, local coffee shop, or freelance designer. That's why it's important to improve our contact us page so that your visitors can find what they need, get the help they want, and have an enjoyable experience.

Your visitors can search for work, complain about a defective product, seek support by shopping, find a phone number or visit their office. These interactions are key to the smooth running of your company or organization, as they represent an important point of synergy between visitors and you, the website operator. An effective contact page can deliver the value you want and provide a seamless experience for your customers.

1. Do the right research

You can try using the existing templates when designing the contact page for your website. This practice is not wrong. However, what most people often overlook is that the template may not be the best for their business. To get the right design for your contact page, ask yourself the following questions:

What contact options does your company need?

Take the time to find out what your website features and offers, then anticipate different ways to contact you. The designer may have a potential client who wants to get a quote, while the clinic may expect the patient to contact him to schedule an appointment.

And if you have a lot of questions for different departments such as sales, technical support, or job search, it can be easier to set up your contact page to direct inquiries to specific departments. The clarity you get when you see what it takes to design your contact page will help you structure it better.

Who are your customers and how do they most want to contact you?

Your website can reach all different audiences, and it's a good idea to recognize their diversity by culture, language, and geographic location, and then try to cater to their needs. Some aspects to consider when designing your contact page are popular contact methods in different countries, language support, and accessibility considerations.


2. Provide a suitable contact method

Your contact page design should convey clear actions that visitors can take to get in touch with you. You can offer the following approach to your audience:

Traditional contact method

By entering a phone number, you can be contacted by phone or SMS. And adding a physical address will allow them to find you and visit you, especially if your business requires customers to visit you, e.g. B. bakery, spa or dentist office. Adding a map or link to Google Maps makes it easier for visitors to navigate to your location.

Digital method on your website

To get your visitors to connect with you on your website, you can use a chat bot. You can set up conversations between your visitors and members of the support team or AI robots. Alternatively, you can provide a form for visitors to enter details about their request. This built-in contact method can help minimize spam emails, track your inquiries, and delegate tasks to your team.

Digital method with other platforms

Sometimes your visitors may want to contact you through a platform they check regularly or through a platform they are more comfortable with. This method secures your email, including links to social media like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and even WhatsApp.


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