10 Places in London to visit vith minicab barnet

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10 Places in London to visit vith minicab barnet

1. Oxford Street

A 1.5-mile (1.5-mile) stretch of convenience stores, popular chain stores and independent retailers make Oxford Street one of London's top shopping destinations. Selfridges, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Topshop call this famous street home. If you can handle the crowds at Christmas, you'll be rewarded: the streets are filled with thousands of dazzling Christmas lights.

2. Piccadilly Circus

More captivating than New York's Times Square, tourists love the glowing displays that adorn Piccadilly Circus. Sit at the foot of the statue of Eros and watch London get mixed up. This is a popular hangout and just steps from Regent Street, Leicester Square and Soho.

3. Notting Hill Carnival

Dance to your heart's content at Europe's biggest street festival. Since 1964, the Notting Hill Carnival has gathered Londoners on Banking Day weekend in August to celebrate Caribbean culture with delicious food, steel bands and the sound of calypso.


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4. Strip brick

Do you like spicy curry? Brick Lane in East London is the destination for authentic Bangladeshi cuisine. Get ready to satisfy your appetite at the weekend flea market on Brick Lane, where you can browse the stalls for retro clothing, handmade jewelry and music.

5. Fortune & Mason

Do you want to shop at Queen's place? Spent a few pounds at Fortnum & Mason, a deli establishment since 1707. Known for its condescending barrier, delicious tea, and decadent dining room, Fortnum & Mason has a royal edict declaring that Her Majesty's household is the Queen is the customer.

6. ​​West End

Welcome to the playground in London. During the day, markets, attractions and cafes are held in court, but at night the West End lets go of its barriers and gets up and has fun. The restaurants, theater and bars at Soho and Covent Garden guarantee an entertaining evening.

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7. Walking tour

London is the best city to explore on foot, and themed walking tours are great. Would you like to see the troubled side of London Victoria? Try a tour with Jack the Ripper. Beatles fanatic? There are also walks to it. This is a great way to focus on the part of the city that you find particularly interesting.

8. Imperial Military Museum

The Imperial Military Museum is located in the former Royal Hospital of Bethlem (known as "Bedlam") and offers visitors a unique and interesting view of the conflicts of the First World War. Photographs, artifacts (such as Spitfire planes and Harrier jets hanging from the atrium ceiling) and extensive exhibits convey the great losses, losses, and experiences of war.

9. Boat trip on the Thames

Much of London's history and culture is tied to the River Thames, and a cruise on this world-famous waterway offers a fresh perspective on London's famous landmarks. See Parliament Building, St. Cathedral. Paul, Shakespeare's Globe and the Tower of London like you've never seen before.

10. Somerset House

London is full of historic architecture, but the neoclassical Somerset House is a real landmark. It was built in the late 1970s and is home to art exhibitions, outdoor concerts and 55 sparkling fountains. Worth a visit in winter?


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