What You Need To Know When Choosing An Industrial Robots For Production

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Publish Date : 2021-05-04 12:13:17
What You Need To Know When Choosing An Industrial Robots For Production

The introduction of industrial robots in factories is a global trend. In terms of the density of robotization of production, the leadership is in Singapore and South Korea, in terms of speed, China is leading. But, according to the National Association of Robotics Market Participants (NAURR), domestic industrialists are gradually updating their production facilities.
What are robots in production for?

There are only units of fully robotized factories in the world. However, experts expect that by 2025, 25% of all industrial operations will be performed by machines.

How to Choose a Robot for Manufacturing? It is worth starting from the tasks and economics of the enterprise. The rationale for using robots at each stage of production is different.

At the initial stage, you can do without robots. For rough processing of blanks, semi-automatic machines are enough.

Robots are better at handling workpieces. The solution level depends on the specifics of the production and operation. If the production is mass or large-scale, then a conventional programmable robotic arm will be sufficient for painting products, servicing an injection molding machine, or moving and installing workpieces into the machine.

An intelligent robot with machine vision, capable of assessing the effectiveness of an operation and correcting its actions, will be required to fully automate welding, assembling products, or performing other heavy, routine and harmful work.

The Aripix A1 robotic arm is currently undergoing industrial tests at the Moscow plant of the Moskabelmet Group of Companies. Equipped with machine vision, it will continuously load up to 50 tons of metal per day into the smelting furnace, performing heavy, routine and harmful work to human health.

Quality control.
Robots are better at eliminating rejects than humans, and placing high-quality products in containers.

Logistic robots are suitable for transporting blanks and products to the warehouse. If there is a corridor restricted for human access to move the load, then a crane or a simple trolley with a motor is sufficient. And to work in the same space with a person, intelligent robots are needed. For example, such solutions are manufactured by Eiratech Robotics and Ronavi Robotics.

Packing and packaging.
For filling and packaging of the same type of products in mass production, automatic machines are enough. If you need to collect a set from different objects, then robots are needed.

A solution with machine vision and universal grip is ideal, especially if the contents of the boxes and their sizes are variable.

Robots do a good job of feeding parts to marking machines. If the parts are precisely positioned, for example stacked on pallets, a simple robotic arm is sufficient.

If you have to choose a product from many others lying in disarray, then you need a smart robot with machine vision.

It is better to use robots to move boxes onto pallets. Their configuration depends on the positioning accuracy of the boxes. If they are placed in even rows, then a simple robotic arm is sufficient. One of the best solutions in this area is Kuka KR Quantec PA Arctic.

But a more recent development - the Handle robot from Boston Dynamics - has vision and a system of sensors that control the applied force, thanks to which it can find the desired pallet by marking, remove the box with a certain effort and transport it to the specified location.

Smart industrial robots offer greater flexibility and wider application potential. They require minimal equipment, they are easier to configure and reconfigure, but they also cost one and a half to two times more than a simple programmable counterpart.

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