Pay per click? No, payment is only for the RESULT!

Author : Beth Harmon
Publish Date : 2021-05-22 10:42:23
Pay per click? No, payment is only for the RESULT!

Having started for ourselves the search for the optimal way of Internet promotion, we immediately come across a million of the same offers: “Come to us: here you pay only for the result!”. Oh, really. It would be nice to pay only for the result. But let's see if we all understand correctly what this simple phrase means: “pay for the result”. Whether we want the right result, and whether this is the result we are offered.

We begin to carefully study advertising offers on the websites of Internet agencies and it becomes obvious that the word "result", it turns out, contains many meanings. For example, the result can be increased traffic, that is, an increased flow of customers to the site (in fact, the same pay-per-click / traffic ). Or the nth banner display. Or some conditionally chosen citation of the site. Well, and finally, in its pure form, banal pay-per-clicks .

But we want sales. And they answer us: "The volume of your sales will increase naturally with the help of the increased traffic already with our help." It seems that everything is correct again. After a while, sales become slightly higher. But another question arises: was this the result we expected? Maybe there could have been more sales? Maybe you could have spent less money on an advertising campaign? Maybe we missed something? Maybe clicks aren't everything?

And we have to admit that yes. We missed the most important thing - we did not answer the question: what does “ payment for the result ” mean for us ? The answer is seemingly simple: sales. We are ready to pay for advertising, but one that will definitely bring a buyer. And the most ideal option is to have the opportunity to plan the number of buyers who come to us. Does this exist? Imagine yes. And we call this variant of selling online advertising : “work is not per click, but per action (request, call, registration form)”.

Our model is based on the principle of pay-per-action, not pay-per-click, and allows advertisers to use every dollar of their marketing budget in the most targeted way. The main factor in using “pay per action, not per click” is the guaranteed result. You get the number of targeted actions you set at the cost set before the start of the campaign.

At the heart of this “pay-per-action, not-per-click” scheme is a technology platform that tracks in detail the user's history on the site. In other words, it is an integrated system of statistics for all types of online communications (banners, text and graphic blocks, links, contextual advertising), united in a single interface, and which allows evaluating the effectiveness of each advertising medium, as well as converting clicks into dash sales actions.

But before you start working for a client's request (namely an action, not a simple click), you need to conduct a test campaign, which will allow you to understand which tools and advertising platforms will be most effective for your website and your industry of goods and services. Such test actions show whether certain banners or text links give a result - conversion into action. Thus, testing already at the initial stage shows us all ineffective tools.

Today Agent-Host is the first Internet agency in the USA that works for results, not clicks . We have developed our own statistics system, thanks to which we know every day what exactly needs to be changed in the advertising campaign settings. And with great accuracy to assess the effect of all actions in order to immediately abandon ineffective advertising tools, or replace them with better ones to increase efficiency and click conversion.


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