Facebook Tips And Tricks

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Facebook Tips And Tricks

Amongst the most popular social media platforms is Facebook. It's the one-stop shop where most of us get in touch with one another, keep up with what's going on in the world, and spend the majority of our time on our smart phones.

When you continue to socialize with your peers on Facebook, there are a number of interesting features that you can explore. These tips will improve your Facebook experience and transform you into a Facebook power user. They are either built-in or can be enabled using a third-party app.

1. What Is the Easiest Way to Make a Facebook Profile Avatar?

Profile Avatars were newly introduced to Facebook's website. This is a fun way to build a unique cartoon avatar for Facebook. These avatars can be used as a profile picture, a sticker on your posts and tweets, and even inside Messenger chats. Isn't that fantastic?

In May 2020, Facebook Profile Avatar was released in the United States. It's being carried out all over the world. If you have the Facebook App, you can see if you have this feature or not. We have a dedicated post on Facebook Profile Avatars with a step-by-step guide on how to build your own Facebook Profile Avatar. 

2. Download a Protected Profile Image:

 Facebook recently released a security update called Profile Picture Guard, which allows users to block their profile pictures from being saved and posted with others. You won't be able to save a secure profile photo from your Facebook window or app, and you won't be able to take a screenshot either.

3. Play Games on Facebook:

Did you know that the Facebook Messenger software allows you to play games with your friends?
Facebook has been gradually rolling out a slew of new Instant games to its Messenger service.
 We used to only have two instant games: 
Basketball and football, but now we have more than 50.
To access Facebook games, open the Facebook Messenger window, go to the Discover tab in the bottom right corner of the phone, and then click on games. You have the choice of playing the game alone or with your mates.

4. Share a Colorized Status on Facebook:

 Facebook recently added the ability to post a colored backdrop to your status. Using a colored status would undoubtedly attract interest and improve your post commitment.

To post a status with a colored backdrop, make a normal post and then pick the Background color option after you've done typing. There are several different colors, pictures, and gradient patterns to choose from.

5. Switch to dark mode in Messenger:

 Like other social networking applications, Facebook has added a dark mode option to its Messenger service. Officially, you can easily apply the dark mode in Messenger.

6. See all of the pictures that everyone has liked:

Do you know that with only one scan, you will find all of the images liked by anyone?
Simply type “Photos enjoyed by” followed by your friend's name into the Facebook search bar. The end result will show all of your friend's favorite pictures "We can also use proxies to narrow down the data, such as "Photos liked by XXXXX this month," "this week," or "in 2020."

7. Look for Free or Paid Wi-Fi: 

Who doesn't like having access to free Wi-Fi? 
So, if you're travelling and need internet access or need a quiet room with decent Wi-Fi to finish your office job, use the Facebook app to check for free or paying Wi-Fi hotspots.

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