A complete method to fix the printer error

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A complete method to fix the printer error

Printer devices get into error so often. Any small error related to hardware or program can lead to various errors with your printer. Whenever your printer device appears with an error; the user should inspect the possible reasons and then fix them. Most of the printer-related errors can be resolved manually. Once you find the reason behind the error, you can easily repair it.


Paper Jamming


This is a common error that widely appears on DMP and laser printers. When the user is taking multiple printers simultaneously; a paper may be stuck inside the roller. The printer continues the printing command and the device gets into error. When the user faces the paper jamming; open the printer. Go to the paper rollers and remove the page. Also, check for paper chunks inside the device. After cleaning the printer; your paper jam error will get resolved and you can easily take the printouts.


Printer error codes


While taking the printout, if you see the error code on the screen and the printer stops working then check the driver. The error 0xf1 Epson appears on your screen when the printer driver is not working. The driver of your printer device needs to get updated regularly. The outdated driver will show errors while understanding the print command. You have to update the driver for preventing printer-related errors. The driver won’t update if some of its files are corrupted. Users can also run the repair tool. He can easily find the driver repair tool from the web. Running the driver repair program on your device will find all the outdated drivers and repair them. If the printer driver is still not working then reinstall it. Removing and reinstalling the printer driver is a better option for troubleshooting the printer-related error codes.


Low ink warning


When the ink level of the ink drum is low; you will start getting the low ink warning message. When you see the warning message, you should immediately update the refill ink on your cartridge. Users can also install a new cartridge on their printer. But purchasing the cartridge is a bit costly. Installing a cheap cartridge is also not a solution as it can decrease the print quality. Refill the cartridge with good ink. But many printer users report that they are getting the low ink warning when their ink tank is filled. This error appears when the user has changed the cartridge but the printer is unable to set the ink level. When the ink level is not correct then try resetting the printer. After reset, your printer will show the correct level of ink on your printer.


Printer memory full


Every printer has an inbuilt memory to store the print commands. When the user sends the print commands; your printer saves them in a queue on the memory. But memory has a limit. When the user stores lots of print commands; the memory of the printer gets full and shows the error on the screen. The user has to remove the pending print commands from the memory.

  1. Open the command screen on your device
  2. Use the cmd with admin credentials
  3. Type net stop spooler
  4. Tap Enter
  5. Now type del %systemroot%System32spoolprinters* /Q and then press the Enter button

Type net start spooler and press Enter. The pending print queue on your printer will get removed. Now users have to type exit and hit the Enter button to get the normal screen. Again, give a new command to your printer and now the printer will start taking your commands.


Printer speed issues


Users will start getting speed issues with old printer models. But when you are getting a low speed then check the connection. You will get better speed with a wired connection. If you are using a printer wirelessly then switch it to a wired one. You can also increase the speed by keeping the printer near the router. For better speed in the printer; you should use a high-speed cable. In old printers, users can increase the speed by switching the print mode. Change the print mode to low (draft). The device will print the plain printouts with good speed. However, for taking high-quality printouts; you have to switch to normal and high-quality mode. Users can also contact the printer technical team regarding printer issues.

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