What To Look When Buying Hair Wig For Men?

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Publish Date : 2021-03-09 13:29:25
What To Look When Buying Hair Wig For Men?

With the escalating issues of male pattern baldness, the demand for durable and quality wigs is on a surge. Buying a hair wig might bombard your mind with endless questions if it's your first time. Hence, we have jotted down everything you need to look at when buying a hair wig for men.

Human Or Synthetic Hair?

The hair material for constructing wigs comes in two types: human and synthetic. As you might have guessed, the former is more durable and natural compared to the latter. Moreover, synthetic wigs tend to deteriorate soon when exposed to excessive styling, which can be handled easily by human hair.

Based on these pros and cons, synthetic wigs are cheaper as compared to human ones.

Does The Wig Complement Your Face?

One of the most important things to lay focus on whilst shopping for a hair wig for men is your face shape. If the two don't go hand-in-hand, it will affect your appearance, and anyone would quickly identify your wig.

  • For oval face shapes, all hairstyles work best
  • For round face shapes, long and straight wigs are suggested
  • For square face shapes, curly hair wigs with hair closer to the face are recommended
  • For diamond or heart face shapes, voluminous wigs with hair covering the forehead are suggested

Pay Attention To The Cap Construction

It is imperative to understand the cap construction before you finalise on a wig to avoid discomfort later. A wig cap is the base of the wig, and the wig's durability depends on this to a great extent.

Read or ask the dealer about different types of cap construction and understand their features to find out which will suit you.

Make Sure The Cap Size Fits You

The next thing you need to remember is measuring your cap size for finding the perfectly-fitting wig. If you're buying physically, then you can go for a trial. If not, take a measuring tape and write down the measurements of:

  • Circumference of your head
  • Forehead to nape distance
  • Ear to ear distance (across the forehead and over the top)
  • Temple to temple distance

The standard sizes (XS, S, etc.) vary from brand to brand and therefore verify the size beforehand with the dealer.

Anchoring Options And Maintenance

Anchoring refers to the method of attaching the wig to your scalp. The mainly used options for the same are liquid adhesives, tapes, clips, etc. Generally, these sidekicks are provided with the wigs, and there's no need to purchase them individually.

Besides anchoring, it is best to clarify the maintenance do's and don'ts with the seller before buying a wig, like - which shampoo to use to clean the wig, how frequently should you wash it, etc.


Purchasing wigs for men is not at all challenging if you are aware of all the checkboxes to tick. By checking out the wig from the perspectives mentioned above, there's no way you won't get your ideal match. Just ensure that the wigs' quantity is proportional to your purpose (for ex- buying wholesale for permanent usage), and you're all set to go!


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