We make a double-sided application

Author : begifar459
Publish Date : 2021-04-28 06:56:57
We make a double-sided application

I decided to make the application embroidery digitizing a test in order to work out the third version of the technique, which I described in the post about the double-sided application. As a drawing, I have chosen the simplest five-petalled flower. I planned to place this flower on the corner of a piece of fabric so that it protrudes beyond the boundaries of the main fabric.


Step 1

I only hooped the tear-off stabilizer into the hoop. I decided to use white threads so as not to wind some other color on the bobbin and be able to use a regular bobbin thread.

Step 2

The machine sewed the appliqué marking line.

Step 3

I put the fabric for the back of the applique with my face on the stabilizer, the wrong side up. I turned on the machine, which has embroidered a small zigzag, for which you need to trim the excess fabric

Step 4

I trimmed the excess fabric around the applique.

Step 5

I put the main fabric on top of the corner as planned.

Step 6

Another zigzag has been embroidered, under which the upper fabric needs to be trimmed.

Step 7

I cut off the excess fabric.

Step 8

Launched the embroidery machine for the finishing satin border.

And in the process of embroidery, I got a little mess almost immediately. Logically, due to the fact that all my fabrics are free-floating without a hoop, I needed to fix them somehow. The only quick fix, in this case, is to spray them with temporary fixing glue. But I was too lazy to do it. For which I paid - the fabrics of my sandwich began to wrinkle and shift. I had to tighten them up, which does not really save the situation.

Another surprise awaited me when satin rollers were embroidery digitizing services on the stabilizer. Of course, the stabilizer began to be cut along the contour, but only in some directions. These directions are most likely dependent on the location of the fibers in the stabilizer. But this cut was not critical, and the application was kept on the stabilizer.

Step 9

The satin border was finished. I took the hoop out of the car and began to pull my applique from the stabilizer. This is done by simple pressure on the workpiece and it falls out.

Step 10

I turned the embroidery over and removed the stabilizer from the appliqué, which I had on the wrong side.

I used a simple Gunold tear-off stabilizer. As it turned out, it not only cuts through under such a density, which was to be expected but leaves fibers along the perimeter of separation. That is, it behaves in the same way as the cut-off stabilizer if you try to break it. And the appearance of the edge turns out to be quite fluffy, which, in general, spoils the appearance quite a lot. Unless it remains to set these fibers on fire with a lighter, as I did in the puff master class.sssssss


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