Tips from cleaning experts: clean your house in 1 hour!

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Publish Date : 2021-06-14 13:27:44
Tips from cleaning experts: clean your house in 1 hour!

Today we share advice from a professional cleaning company with you. After all, they know better than anyone how to clean quickly and effectively. According to their estimates, you can clean an average home in an hour. Yes, you heard that right: an hour! More is really not necessary. What a joy when you spend so little time on your favorite job. Especially because you can also clean the dirtiest room in the house in that hour, but then you have to work according to a certain schedule, especially from top to bottom. Discover these handy insider tips with which cleaning your house has never been so fast.

The bedrooms: emptying and dusting

Important to start with: put everything you need in a plastic roller box and have all your stuff ready. That's half the battle. You spend about ten minutes in each bedroom. First of all, you clear the spaces. Collect all the laundry or bedding at once and place it in the laundry basket or on a chair. After all, you can only clean in an empty room.

Make the bed and lift the mattress at each corner; when you tuck in your sheets, it's faster. Next, dust everything with a microfiber cloth, going around the room clockwise, lifting each item. With this cloth, you wipe in one direction (so not back and forth). Use a long feather duster for mirrors.

The bedrooms: the floor

With vacuuming, you start in the farthest corner, and you vacuum in long strokes towards the door without skipping a part. Save time by running the vacuum cleaner over the floor only once and not several times. Provide a good vacuum cleaner with sufficient power and an empty dust bag. If you have a wooden or laminate floor, you can lightly mop it with some natural lemon cleaner.

If your bedroom floor is carpeted, you don’t need to worry; you can contact Premier Janitorial Services for professional carpet cleaning services in South Hill, WA.

The bathroom

This applies to all rooms: the less loose items, the less time you spend cleaning. So place as much as possible in cupboards. You spend about 9 minutes in the bathroom. First of all, spray the sink, shower, bath, floor, and toilet with cleaner and let it soak in for a while. Throw some chlorine or Epsom salts into the toilet bowl, brush it well and let it soak in for a while. Then spray some cleaner on a (different) microfibre cloth and clean the seat, toilet bowl, and around it. You continue with the sink and clean it with another microfiber cloth working from back to front and scrub the faucets and drain. If you clean your shower and bath every week, you don't have to scrub, but thorough cleaning with a warm microfibre cloth. Finally, mop the room from the farthest corner to the door.

The kitchen

You spend 12 minutes in the kitchen. Preparation: you fill the dishwasher and turn it on and clean up all loose items. Then you start with the dirtiest parts. You can remove any hard residue or grease on your stove with an old plastic bank or credit card. The rest you scrub off with a scouring pad. Next, you place cleaner on all surfaces that you are going to clean. With a microfibre cloth, you can clean the countertops, cabinet doors, and appliances on the outside in a clockwise circle through the kitchen. Finally, quickly vacuum and mop the floor from back to front.

The living room

You take 15 minutes for the living room. Take a quick look around for the loose items. You collect equipment remotes and place magazines in a pile. Put pillows and plaids back in their place. Then you start dusting in the same way as in the bedroom: clockwise around the room, dusting and lifting each item in one motion. If you have blinds, dust them with a long feather duster. Next, you treat glass surfaces with a cloth with special glass cleaner and circulating movements, working from back to front in the room. Finally, you can quickly vacuum the room with a few firm movements from back to front. You can quickly mop up the area afterward. After these 15 minutes, you will be able to enjoy a clean house again in less than an hour.


An extra tip: How to easily remove stains from your sofa

To ensure that you can indeed clean your house in an hour, we are only too happy to give you a few cleaning tips. Some of them are about how to easily remove stains from your sofa. It is first important to clean your sofa perfectly with extensive cleaning. Do you have a fabric sofa? Then put the pillowcases in the washing machine and take out the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the sofa. Also, choose a steam cleaner with which you can clean the sofa well and deeply. Usually, there is a label on your sofa with instructions on how to wash your sofa. Follow those instructions. If you have a leather sofa, you should use a special cleaning product. You can clean the sofas with a bucket of lukewarm water with some ammonia or a furniture cleaner for other types of sofas.

How to remove stains from your sofas also depends on what stains they are. Are they red wine stains? Then sprinkle salt over it, let it soak in, and then clean it with lukewarm water. Is it a candle wax stain? Then take some kitchen paper, place it over the wax and go over it with an iron. are the stains caused by ink, oil, strawberries, or milk? Then you should visit the drugstore because they undoubtedly have different special agents for these difficult stains.


Another extra tip: Go for floors that are easy to clean

If you want to clean your home even faster, you should think about choosing a floor that is easy to clean. One of the easiest floors to clean is a PVC floor. This beautiful alternative to a wooden floor is very strong and very quiet, and extremely low maintenance. If you want to clean a PVC floor, use lukewarm to warm water to mop your floor. If you wish, you can also add some cleaning vinegar or cleaning agent.

If you are not a fan of PVC, installing tiles is another option for you. How to clean the tiles depends on where you place them. Nevertheless, every tiled floor is very maintenance-friendly as you can clean it without special cleaning agents. Due to their beautiful top layer, the use of water and traditional cleaning agent is sufficient. Not sure which floor to go for? Then switch once a floor layer.


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