Tips for Installing Aluminum Bifold Doors

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Publish Date : 2021-09-26 16:40:37
Tips for Installing Aluminum Bifold Doors

Aluminum Bi-fold doors popularity has grown over the recent years. The reason for the increased popularity is due to their durability. The doors are strong enough to last over decades without any damage. In addition, the doors are coated with a powder that ensures the finishings last longer. In addition, the doors require only occasional cleaning as their maintenance means.

One of the best advantages of bifold doors is that the installation process is pretty straightforward. Furthermore, places like bi-fold door in Melbourne fit their doors with the latest hardware to ensure easy installation. The latest hardware ensures that the doors do not use the traditional hinge to the wall system but a track system.  

 While the process of installing aluminium bifold doors is relatively easy, there are some things one must look out for, including;

Tools assembly

The first step requires you to have all the tools, door, and components are ready for installation. Keeping track of all the requirements will ensure the installation process flows smoothly.

Frame assembly

The second step will require you to fix the frames up together using gaskets and woodscrews. Like those from bifold doors stores in Melbourne, a purchased door comes with a complete set of silicone sealants, gaskets, and woodscrews. 

Frame fixing

Position the frame into the opening. Once you are done, using the holes as a guide, pre-drill the lintel via the head. Then, remove the head frame to ensure pre-drilling above the lintel. The benefit of pre-drilling is to ensure that fixing the screws can be done comfortably.

Placing of the packing

Once the frame position is determined, you can now secure packers between the top and head of the opening and underneath the sill till it is tight and nice.

Drilling of holes into the structure

After the packers fasten the frame, drill holes into the structure. The size of the holes depends on your frame. Thus, ensure that your holes are the exact size you need. Then, insert the frame’s fixing bolts via the jambs and into the walls and fasten them.

Secure sill and head

At this step, ensure that the head and sill are leveled and that the position of the jam is vertical. Therefore, securing the sill and head ensures that you get a good fixing point and fix the ties with plugs.

Fixing the head

The best tip to fixing the head is to commence the step by fixing the outer fittings, proceeding to the central point, and proceeding to the jambs. It would also help if you tightened the screws.

Attaching the hinges

Position the hinges precisely so that the installation of the doors can be done in a parallel position.

Preparation of the door

The carrier pivots and hinges need to be properly fitted in the track as per the instructions provided. The head track should be installed parallel to the floor and perpendicular to both sides of the closet. Also, the pivot plate should be placed according to the instructions given in the manual. Additionally, the bottom bracket should be placed in the required slot.

Most bifold doors will come with an instructions manual. Thus, following them will ensure that the door is stable and installed perfectly.

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