This Is How You Can Re-Use Your Old PVC Curtains

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Publish Date : 2021-05-13 07:36:39
This Is How You Can Re-Use Your Old PVC Curtains

If you own a bunch of old PVC curtains that you don't need anymore and are gathering dust, then you shouldn't just proceed to throw them out. Such is the reason because there are a lot of inventive ways through which you can directly reuse your PVC strip curtains and thereby contribute towards environmental sustainability. 

Therefore, to assist you out with the same, we are going to share some of the brilliant ways through which you can proceed to reuse your old PVC plastic sheets. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Innovative Methods Through Which You Can Re-Use Your Old PVC Curtains

  • Using As Shower Curtains

One of the best ways through which you can ensure that you'll be reusing your old PVC curtains is by using them as shower curtains. The PVC curtains will be able to create a wall around your showering area and thereby will be able to provide enhanced privacy over regular shower curtains. Moreover, you don't have to worry about getting your shower curtains wet because since these curtains will be made out of PVC, they will be resistant to water molecules. 

However, before installing your shower curtains, ensure that the PVC curtains are of the right length. In case the length is more, proceed to cut a few inches from the bottom to fit your necessities. 

  • Using As Plant Markers

If you want to glamorize your garden, then you can easily do the same by using your old PVC curtains as plant markets. To do that, you need a pair of sharp, strong scissors along with a permanent marker. Firstly, you need to cut each PVC curtain into small pieces, which are about five inches in width and length. Once done, you can proceed to write the name of the plant onto the same using the marker. Then you need to push the PVC strip into the soil, beside the plant, so that the strip stays upright. The good thing about using PVC plastic strips as plant markers is that - you can expect them to be durable over time and will not degrade easily. 

  • Using As Pet Flaps

In case you want to restrict your pet inside a specific area and don't want your pet to wander around the entire home, then you can use your old PVC curtains as pet flaps to restrict the movement of your pets. The process is quite easy as you just need to cut the PVC curtain up to the length you want and fix the same to any door entry point so that your pet can be restricted from entering your kitchen, bathroom or any other place that you don't want it to. 

Before you proceed to use this method of re-purposing old PVC curtains, you must remember that this trick will only work for small pets such as cats and small dogs such as corgi, pooches and so on. Big dogs or pets can easily pass through such PVC curtains. 

  • Using As A Mini-Greenhouse

You can utilize your old PVC curtains to build a mini-greenhouse for your garden or home. All you need to do is to build a metal or wooden roof with proper support and then use the PVC curtains on its sides. Depending on the length & breadth of the greenhouse, you can proceed to use the entire PVC curtain or cut it down to fit your measurements. 

And with that last suggestion, we end our progressive discussion on re-using old PVC curtains. We hope you enjoyed our recommendations and for any additional queries, do let us know. 

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