This Blog Will Change The Way You Clean Windows

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Publish Date : 2021-08-25 09:36:20
This Blog Will Change The Way You Clean Windows

We all want streak-free windows and will go to great lengths to ensure our windows are clean. We spend money and time cleaning the windows to remove dust and grime. 

No one likes dirty windows with dripping stains from a sudden burst of rain from the sky before! 

We do everything we can to keep our windows clean, but we're often disappointed because it's not just about the equipment you use, but also about the method you used to clean them.

But don't fear—we're here to break down the process in this blog in a straightforward manner so that you can leave your glass sparkling white.

Clean From The Top To The Bottom

Cleaning the surface of a window by using gravity. We know it sounds silly, but this method will make your cleaning job go faster as you'll be utilizing that precious thing called gravity. 

Start at the top and work your way down, which is important because you don't want to leave any streaks on any glass surfaces you have already cleaned. This is a clever strategy.

Wash Your Windows On A Cloudy Day

Even this tip may surprise you as you make thinking quite the opposite, as if the sun is out, you can see the glass in the dirt and grime better. 

The sun, in contrast, can prematurely dry out window washing liquid, leaving behind streaks and residue no matter how hard you try to wipe it down until it is completely clean. 

If you are concerned about achieving a streak-free shine, wait for the clouds to roll in, and then start cleaning your windows.

Get A Squeegee Clean Finish.

Not all people are sure about how to clean windows without streaks. 

Some swear by a squeegee, and others prefer using a cloth. We think the best method is using a squeegee. 

Squeegee is a simple tool but is by far the most effective way to clean every single smudge in a simple to-do motion. However, always use a squeegee when there is liquid present on the surface not on a dry surface. That would be a disaster! 

Pick The Right Cleaner

If your windows appear extremely dirty, you mustn't try to clean them with just plain water.

When water isn't enough, you'll need a cleaning agent that will completely dissolve and suspend the dirt temporarily for just long enough for you to wipe it away completely with a cloth or sponge, leaving no streaks behind. 

If your cleaning agent does not already come in a spray bottle, transfer it to one and keep spraying and wiping until every area has been thoroughly covered and cleaned off completely.

Clean The Corners With Cotton Swabs

Yes, cotton swabs can be extremely helpful in getting into notoriously tight spaces. 

Certain methods won't work, so you have to get a little creative sometimes. It might be tempting to take something sharp and scrape off the dirt, but that's not good because it prematurely wears down the surfaces! 

Cotton swabs are typically made from cotton or some synthetic material, making them ideal for cleaning various materials and sensitive parts. 

They are specifically designed for any nook or cranny, so it does the trick on those notoriously hard-to-reach places in your windows! Genius right?


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to clean your windows. Remember, if your windows have difficult-to-clean areas, there's no harm in hiring a window cleaner Bournemouth to do the job for you—as we all know, professional work is always superior. 

As always, we welcome feedback from our readers. Please leave a comment if you wish. Thank you for your time!

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