Reasons for Choosing to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

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Publish Date : 2021-05-27 12:24:48
Reasons for Choosing to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

The dream of pursuing MBBS is for many students in India, but unfortunately, not every dreamer aspires for an MBBS, as with limited seats in government and private medicine, many such students are looking for alternatives to their doctor’s dream abroad. Kazakhstan is one of the top options when students seek to study MBBS from abroad. The MBBS degree, the government medical university of Kazakhstan like Astana Medical University, WHO/MCI has approved, is recognized globally. Let us discuss all the reasons for Indian students to pursue the MBBS degree from Kazakhstan.

  1. MBBS Course Duration

In Kazakhstan, the MBBS course duration is for 5 years, with 4 years of academic education studied and one year of the internship program. In other nations, the MBBS course is 6 years old so that you can save a year here and you can start working in any hospital in this one year.

  1. MCI Coaching

MCI coaching will help students participate in the MCI examinations, which every international student will have to qualify for after completing the MBBS course from Kazakhstan. Students need not do another extra coaching for the MCI screening test which includes an extra cost.

  1. Low Fee Structure

MBBS studying in Kazakhstan is very affordable for international students as students can take admission without any donation and entrance test directly except for clean examination. In Kazakhstan, the MBBS fee is very low as its government offers scholarships for education to students. It is not easy for parents to send their children for studies abroad, as fees are very high.

  1. Prestigious Degree

After completion of the MBBS course, the university offers a medical degree that is recognized worldwide and is recognized worldwide, which helps students practice as doctors in India and other countries as well.

  1. Simple Application Procedure

The application process for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan is easy. The first student should check the eligibility criteria for MBBS in Kazakhstan and apply for an Indian student’s university application if you are qualified. Students require filling the application form and then submitting all the essential documents. After the university clearance, you will receive the letter of approval. So, students need to apply for the visa process for Kazakhstan. Once complete all the formalities, students can study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  1. Affordable Cost of Living

The study of MBBS in Kazakhstan is cheaper than in other countries. Kazakhstan currency is weaker than currency Indian rupees, Indian rupees is equal to 5.79 Kazakhstan Tenge till 26th October 2020. The lower value of money reduces the cost of living in Kazakhstan. The cost of living in Kazakhstan, food and travel expenses, and other expenses are low.

  1. Various Types of Medical Course for MBBS

In Kazakhstan, medical students are provided with an internship facility in government hospitals. Students will have a 5-year facility of MBBS course. Pharmacy courses and up to 5 years of MD course facility is likely. Students can go for medical research works that will help them become good doctors.

  1. Indian Food Facility

Most of the medical colleges in Kazakhstan have access to an Indian canteen which makes Indian students friendly to Kazakhstan. Several Indian restaurants also cater to the need for Indian food.

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