How to choose a bed

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How to choose a bed

A good sleep is the most valuable pleasure we can get for free, so choosing a bed should be taken as seriously as possible. When choosing the right model, you need to take into account many nuances that will affect the quality of your vacation. It is necessary to decide not only on the dimensions, design but also on the design and material of your purchase.


Bed types

The first sign by which we start choosing is the type of bed.

There are three main types:

  • single bed ;
  • double bed ;
  • bunk bed.


It is easy to decide on this item, with a small proviso - a full person will be uncomfortable in a single bed, the one and a half option are more suitable. If you are planning to sleep alone, but your favorite resting position is "star", then a one-and-a-half bed will not be enough. In any case, if space in the room allows, it is worth choosing a larger bed, because single models are better suited for a small room and are often used not as the main, but as an additional resting place.

A bunk bed is ideal for a small room, significantly freeing up space in it. Such models are taken mainly for children's rooms, and beds designed for adults - for hostels and hostels.

In addition to the basic options, there are also original and non-standard models of bunk beds - a loft bed and a pull-out bed.

A loft bed is a versatile option for a child's room or small space. In the lower tier, she has a desk with drawers, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, or a sofa - there can be many options. The sleeping place itself is located on the second tier - in the attic.

A bed with a pull-out berth looks like an ordinary one, but a second one is hidden under the main berth - as soon as it is pulled out, the bed turns into a double bed, with a slight difference in the height of the tiers.

Bed size

Here are some examples of standard bed sizes - this information will come in handy later when buying a mattress.

Width (berth):

  • single bed: width up to 100 cm is considered standard;
  • one and a half: from 100 to 160 cm;
  • double: from 160 cm.

The length of the bed must be selected individually for everyone, guided by the basic rule - ideally, the length should be 15–20 cm longer than the height of the person who will sleep on it. The height of the bed is selected depending on the age of the person - the older he is, the higher the bed should be. Low models are more suitable for young and healthy people.


Choosing a bed frame

The frame is the basis of any bed. Structurally, these are the back, side parts (tsars), and legs (supports). Some models are made without legs, but not everyone likes this option - in order to wipe the dust, you will have to completely move the bed. Inside the frame, there is a frame, which serves as the basis for the mattress, and already directly on it - the basis for it. It can be a solid slab of wood or plywood, but for a healthy effect and good ventilation, a lamella base is better.

Lamellas are a special orthopedic lattice made of wooden planks made of durable wood, so it is able to withstand heavy loads, but at the same time it is elastic and slightly springs under the mattress.

The choice of the number of lamellas directly depends on what the mattress will be. If you plan to sleep on a mattress with independent springs (when they are formed into separate blocks and spring separately), then the distance between the lamellas must strictly correspond to the diameter of the springs (the springs should not “fall through” between the lamellas, otherwise the mattress will become unusable).

For a mattress with dependent springs - they are all interconnected and the compression spreads along a chain - the recommended distance between the lamellas is more than 6 cm, and their number, respectively, is less. By the way, the maximum orthopedic effect is achieved with a small distance between the lamellas, about 2.5 cm. Their standard number is 15 pieces for a single bed and 30 for a double bed.

Drawers for things can be located under the base of the bed - a fairly convenient place to store bedding and spare pillows.

The durability of your bed depends on the reliability and strength of the frame, so special attention should be paid to the material from which the frame is made.

Bed material

Chipboard - it chipboard with a special coating (lamination), affordable material with a wide color gamut, and the ability to simulate the texture of real wood. Chipboard beds will not amaze you with a variety of shapes, usually, a discreet classic design for a simple reason - this material is not milled. If your choice is a bed made of chipboard, then it is better to think well in advance about the location of the bed and carefully prepare for its assembly - this material may not withstand frequent assemblies and will begin to crumble at the joints.

Solid wood is a reliable and environmentally friendly material. The wooden frame has no contraindications for use. Its elasticity and strength depend on the type of wood, but in any case, a wooden bed will last a long time and withstand more than one disassembly and assembly. It is not cheap, but the lifespan will justify the purchase cost. In addition, in addition to the natural beauty of the wood structure, there are many design options for frames and headboards made of wood.

MDF is a denser, stronger, and more expensive material in comparison with laminated chipboard, it can be painted or film (coated with PVC film). MDF lends itself to milling, just like natural wood, and is its more cost-effective alternative. It is used for finishing the headboard and footboard in combination with the chipboard frame.

Metal beds - although very heavy, but strong and solid, so they will last for more than a dozen years. The classic iron bed looks solid and is also expensive. A wrought iron frame is suitable for a retro or country bedroom. The disadvantage is that by touching it you will always feel cold.

Eco-leather - as a material for finishing the headboard and base of the bed, it looks great, in style, it will suit most popular designs - classic, modern, or minimalist. The padded headboard cannot replace a pillow, but you can lean against it comfortably while reading or watching a movie, and the padded frame will protect you from hitting sharp corners. In summer, eco-leather is cool to the touch, and in winter it is warm, and it is easy to care for it - just wipe it with a damp cloth. The frame of "eco-leather beds" in most cases is made of laminated chipboard.

Bed for an adult, teenager, kid

For an adult. To choose a bed for an adult, you need to decide on the size - one or a double. Consider the pros and cons of the frame material and choose a design that suits your room. It is better to choose the base for the mattress with lamellas. Consider the age of the person who will sleep on the bed - an older person needs a higher bed to make it easier for him to get up and lie down on it. The standard height is 50 cm, which is suitable for most people.

For a teenager over 12 years old. A metal or wood frame with lamellas is desirable as a base. Ideally, as for an adult, the bed should be 15–20 cm taller. Therefore, you can immediately buy a bed at least 190 cm long (especially for boys) and 120 cm wide. Such dimensions are quite enough taking into account the purchase "for growth".

When choosing a suitable model, it is no longer worth relying only on your taste - it is quite possible that a grown-up family member will want something original and non-standard at his own discretion. A possible option may be a wrought-iron bed or a bed with an eco-leather back. A teenager will not refuse from a universal loft bed with a ladder.

For a child under 12 years old. Particular attention should be paid to the design of the bed - for a child under 12 years old, just the time when individuality is very acutely manifested. Therefore, a sleeping place in the form of an original racing car, an adventurer in the vast seas, or a bed for a princess will be just right.

For babies up to 3-5 years old. Children's beds are made of natural wood, varnished, and sometimes supplemented with other materials. The length of the bed for a baby up to 3 years old is 90–120 cm, up to 5 years old - up to 140 cm long, and 70 cm wide. Of course, if your baby is growing quickly, the crib will need to be changed sooner.

Models made of solid hardwood - birch, beech, oak, hornbeam, ash - are well suited. For the safety of the child, the bed should be low, and it is imperative to have bumpers on one or both sides. For babies, usually buy beds with an adjustable height of the sides, which during their “active-crawling” age should be at least 60–65 cm. An older baby who is restless in a dream will be protected from falling from the bed by low sides.

The size of the mattress should correspond to the size of the bed so that there are no gaps between it and the frame. The design of baby cots may include the possibility of installing a canopy. Drawers under the base for storing things will also be useful.

One unique transforming children's bed is capable of combining all the necessary elements. You will receive a whole complex on which a child from birth to 10-12 years old will sleep: a swinging cradle arena with an adjustable bottom height, removable sides of different heights, boxes for things, and a changing table. As the child grows up, the bed is easily transformed into a completely “adult” comfortable model.

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