Common Floor Sanding Task Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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Publish Date : 2021-05-31 09:25:57
Common Floor Sanding Task Mistakes That You Should Avoid

The floor sanding task is never easy. If performed wrongly, you will end up damaging the floor. Sanding tasks are generally performed on wooden floors. Damages can cost you big money. You may even end up replacing the entire wooden floor.

This is why homeowners always prefer hiring the best floor sanding in the Melbourne team. Professional floor sanding services are aware of the right method and tools. Another good reason to hire an expert team is that you don’t make mistakes by performing this task on your own.

Even if you want to perform this task on your own, there are a few mistakes that you should try and avoid.

Mistake #1 – Not using the proper grit paper

It is not possible to sand the floor unless you are using quality grit sandpaper. But quality does not mean that you can select any brand or type. The section of grit paper will depend on many factors. if the floor is made up of soft natural wood, then you may not be able to use a tough grit.

For stains, you may have to treat them with the right type of sandpaper. Always ensure that you select only fine grit paper to sand the floor. You can collect details from an expert team. Different floors may need different grit settings as well.

Mistake #2 – Improper sanding time

You cannot keep sanding the floor for hours. This action will only damage the top layer of the wooden floor. So it is important to maintain proper time. In case you are using a gritting machine, then time management is more important.

This is one big mistake many people do commit. They keep on sanding the floor for hours. In the end, they realize that they have already damaged the wooden floor.

Mistake #3 – Avoiding diagonal action

Sanding has to be done in a particular direction. When sanding people often try to maintain the circular pattern only. Not all types of wooden floor planks may need rotational direction; diagonal action is important as well.

Before you get started with the task, you may have to study the pattern on the wooden planks. In some cases, diagonal action is the only best solution. It helps cover a much wider area on the floor.

Mistake #4 – Avoiding edges

Edges are never easy to cover up when sanding the floors. This is why most people often try and avoid sanding the edges. They are usually left out with uneven sanding. Edges are more important. If the floor is perfect but the edges are not, then the floor may not look good.

The edges may need to be sand slightly. This will remove the stains and maintain the proper shine. You cannot overlook the edges when sanding the floors.

People also try to use the same sandpaper every year. This is never advisable. You may have to change the paper after specific use. This is why it is always advisable to hire the best team.

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