Benefits of outsourcing ePub conversion services to offshore online

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Benefits of outsourcing ePub conversion services to offshore online

Electronic platforms are gaining the utmost popularity nowadays and everyone wants to stuff all their useful information either online or in a digital format. Being a free and open e-book standard introduced by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), ePub stands for Electronic Publication that is specially designed for maintaining the re-flow-able content. This can also mean that a reader of ePub will be leveraged with text optimization for a specific display device.

EPub conversion services

Files with the extension. ePub are specifically designed for reusable content which means that the text display can be optimized particularly for the specific device. Indeed, this format is meant to be the universal format being used by the publishers and conversion houses for distribution and sale. Books are now converted into ePub to expand the market, increase circulation, and reducing the advertising value overall costs.

Challenges involved in the ePub conversion service?

The major challenge involved in all projects related to these services retaining the available formatting in the original version of the print. In general, different types of formats are available for e-books which are vital to make the correct decisions and these services offer the chances to choose the right type of solution pertaining to the exact and actual requirements.     Today most of the recognized companies were offering trustworthy and impeccable ePub conversion services like that of converting a PDF file, Word file, books, scanned documents, and HTML into ePub.

Benefits of outsourcing ePub conversion services to offshore online

EPub is an internationally accepted standard format for prime retailers and major publishers and but this format requires interoperability for eBooks to make them compatible with the targeted device or application. Today, ePub compatible books are been circulated widely by many publication houses, universities, and authors for supporting the wider category of audiences by changing the eBook industry dynamically. Benefits of outsourcing ePub conversion services to offshore online are:

  1. Error-free conversions – The final conversion is checked for no error and small errors like a typo and spelling mistakes are also rectified and verified.
  2. Understanding the business needs – Offshore companies would understand the business needs exactly before designing wand end up with interactive features having eye-catchy pictures and themes.
  3. Value for money – Offshore conversions is affordable and helpful for the limited budget customers like that of start-ups, enterprise, small corporate and big book publishers with cost effective services.
  4. Quality service – When companies outsource conversions to the offshore organization, the output is nothing less than perfect with extra care on text size, fonts, color, page size, and other minute aspects.
  5. On-time publishing – With enough resources and proper project management, experts in offshore firms will deliver without missing deadlines.
  6. 100% compatibility – Be it in any format, the conversions will be done with profound knowledge with the latest tools and techniques.

Advantages of outsourcing ePub conversion services to offshore online

Below mentioned are the advantages of outsourcing ePub conversion services.

  • Flexible and cost-effective means of conversion
  • Easy and quick conversion
  • Cost-effective publishing on multiple distribution channels
  • Highly compatible with all hardware and software devices
  • Supports ePub format on a multitude of outlets
  • ePub can be easily converted to other formats like .MOBI and .RTF
  • The most cost-effective method of distribution 

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