7 Essential Aspects Covered by an E Safety Check

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Publish Date : 2021-03-04 08:09:35
7 Essential Aspects Covered by an E Safety Check

Cars have become such an integral part of our lives that we do not know how to imagine a world without them. The wear and tear of the vehicles are eventual given that they are driven on all kinds of roads in every possible condition. The poor condition of roads and a lot of driven kilometers are some of the reasons for their ultimate depreciation. 

Therefore regular inspections are inevitable to rule out the sudden, unexpected breakdown of lightweight vehicles. These inspections should be performed by registered agencies in order to be more trustworthy. In order to have lightweight vehicles checked by authorized, registered agencies the concept of pink slip inspection has been introduced in places like Sydney and NSW. Here is a list of the basic safety requirements that are checked during a pink slip inspection after every five years to decide whether the lightweight vehicle is roadworthy or not. 

  • Are the Tyres in Good Shape?

A car that has been bought five years ago, its tires are bound to have worn and torn and lost their tread. The purpose of an e-safety check is whether a lightweight vehicle is worthy to be on the road or not. In other words, it checks how safe a vehicle is after so many years. The report on the pink slip implies whether a vehicle should be registered or not for the next five years. The tires are checked for their tread thickness which should be a minimum of 1.5mm as a requirement.  

  • Are There Any Leaks?

The vehicle should have no leaking liquids from any of its parts. Radiators, exhaust systems, and engines should be checked regularly and particularly before a pink slip check to avoid any hassles during the process. It is recommended to degrease around the auto parts before an inspection. It is advisable to fix the leaks if any.

  • Checking the Vehicle Body

A pink slip inspection report determines whether a vehicle should be allowed to be registered for the next time period or not. Checking the vehicle body is one of the important aspects that is checked during pink slip inspection. The inspectors check for rust on the body and cracks on the paint of the vehicle body. If there is any plan to go for a pink slip inspection, the body should be fixed immediately.  

  • Lights

All lights on the vehicles should work properly. Any non-functioning light can pose a risk for both the driver of the vehicle and other vehicles too. These include headlights, fog lights, reverse lights, and brake lights. The inspectors are right to withhold a pink slip in case of the absence of light on the vehicle.  Such a vehicle is not an ideal candidate for registration and a pink slip for the next five years. 

  • Seat Safety

The seats should be safe for the journey of passengers and the driver. A car journey is quite unpredictable and every safety measure that has been provided by the manufacturer should be in good working condition. This includes the seat belts that have been installed by the manufacturers. These must lock and retract comfortably and rapidly. The locks, retractors, and anchor points must always work properly. The belts should not be loose or cut.

  • Wipers

The wipers should be able to clear the water properly so as to have a clean windshield. In absence of such a function, the wipers are rendered inoperable. A car with wipers not working properly can be dangerous to drive during a downpour. This compels pink slip inspectors from issuing a no-objection endorsement of the vehicle.

  • Doors

Pink slip inspectors check the doors for their usability. They check whether the doors fit tight enough when shut. The smooth opening and closing of doors are also checked. 

Always visit a mechanic before an e-safety or pink slip check to avoid unnecessary delays and rejections. Double-checking the above-mentioned basic safety requirements will help you go through them successfully. 

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