5 Essential Driving Tips That Driving Instructors Swear by in Birmingham

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Publish Date : 2021-10-12 05:35:40
5 Essential Driving Tips That Driving Instructors Swear by in Birmingham

If you have got your driving licence or are planning to go for a test, you might want to keep in mind some important tips before you venture out on the roads. If you are reading this article, you are probably inexperienced when it comes to this life skill. But you do not need to worry. Remember when you were a child and you thought cycling or swimming was a very difficult or tricky task but eventually you got hold of it? It is going to be a similar sort of experience. You might feel it's a daunting skill at first to manage and coordinate so many controls with your hands and feet, but of course, the instincts take over and the ride becomes smooth. But one needs to keep some essential information and tips in mind before taking on the challenge. These tips will ensure that you drive efficiently and safely. So let's go through some of these points which will help you in navigating through the sometimes tricky roads of Birmingham.

1. The Seating Position: Some beginners can overlook this important driving tip but this is really helpful. Adjust your seat in a way that you can have good control over the steering and can operate the gear lever and pedals comfortably. Also, find your comfortable angle on the seat and adjust it likewise. If your back, neck or thighs get strained while driving, you are never going to enjoy the new experience. An uncomfortable seating position can get very annoying on a long drive and can hamper the safe journey for the passengers and the driver. It is better to have full concentration on the road rather than having the mind diverted by seating positions.

 2. Buckle Up: You do not want to increase your odds of getting injured in an accident nor do you want to get fined. Therefore, make it a habit to fasten your seat belt before starting any journey. Tell your fellow travellers to do the same.

3. Know your controls: You need to have prior knowledge of your pedals i.e accelerator, brake and clutch (popularly known as ABC). Also, the gear lever should be properly studied and used in a preliminary fashion when not driving. If your car comes without a clutch and the gears are automatic, it will require you to remember fewer details.

4. Know the Traffic Rules: A driving test will typically have a written test along with the practical driving test and there is a good reason for it. Best driving schools in Birmingham recommend going through all the traffic signs and their meanings before trying your hand at driving. The traffic rules prevalent in Birmingham and elsewhere in the UK can be properly studied on the official websites and available handbooks. 

5. Start with slow speeds: Your inexperience in this life skill demands that you stick to lower speeds until you gain expertise. You will be able to manoeuvre all situations in a better fashion if you go at slower speeds and it also helps one to sharpen your skill. A new driver builds a good sense of perception and reaction in this manner. So we suggest that before chasing that rush of adrenaline with respect to speed which could be a tendency for a new driver, take a deep breath and slow down. Choose your skill first.

Driving is a slow and long process that needs constant effort and interest to get smooth and organic over time. It is a life skill that is worth the effort and time and using some tips never hurt anyone.

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