4 textured painting techniques that surely add life to your room

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-09-15 06:38:34
4 textured painting techniques that surely add life to your room

Boring, boring, boring! Plain walls in whites or cream are boring! Pastels trying to reign in your décor are monotonous and darker tones covering your space are rampant. When painting the walls in these ways is becoming so dull and predictable, what’s the use of redoing your interiors? Don’t you want to do something really dynamic and iconic with your interiors? Then quit these plain painted walls and opt for textures or patterns.

Some types of texture and patterns that can look good on any walls

When we say that you have to try some patterns and textures for your walls, we also mean to say that you’ve to call the best people for the job. Otherwise, this entire task would turn into a disaster. There are some really good house painters in Auckland like Ayda Painting & Decorating who can do fantastic textured or patterned painting jobs in your house within reasonable charges. So, after calling them, discuss with them as to which type of pattern or texture would suit your interiors.

  • Stencils —Stencil patterns on the walls can look really attractive and catchy. Especially, if you are choosing the shapes you want very wisely. But remember, drawing the shapes with stencils using the paint can be a really tricky job and only an experienced painter can help you with the same. Don’t try to DIY this kind of work on your own. You will be spoiling your wall entirely.
  • Polka dots —One thing that we absolutely love about patterns is the polka dot trends. Whether it is in the fashion industry or in the home decor world, you will always find a space for these dots in any century. Well, these can look really fantastic on your walls especially if you use some bright colours on light coloured walls. Again, the gaps and spaces between the dots should be done very perfectly if you want the walls to look really astounding.
  • Rag rolling— Seriously, who thought rags would come in such a creative use to decorate your wall? Well, if you really want to add a distinct texture to your walls, then try rolling the rags over them. Here a rag is simply utilised for creating some abstract art like patterns or textures on your walls which is going to give this room a really magnificent look. Well, the use of shining colours along with some matte ragged shade would really look well in any kind of interior.
  • Checkerboard — Checkerboard might remind you of an intelligent game of chess, but it certainly isn’t as common as a chess game! Of course, not all house owners love a contemporary styled wall in their room. When you are creating a checkerboard styled wall, you will definitely have to call the pioneers of paintings for this task for the result to be certainly very impressive. And you don’t have to stick to black and white either.

If you have already imagined the result of all these patterns and textures on your wall, you would certainly be tempted to try out as soon as possible. Well, we encourage you to do so for a really attractive looking house.

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