3 Advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone

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Publish Date : 2021-06-21 13:18:20
3 Advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone

Travel alone. I know, it sounds like this… just. But I did it this summer for two months. And I absolutely love it. I even liked it so much that I might just plan my next trip alone.

It wasn't the first time I went alone, not that. But the first time so long.

Below I will tell you what I like best about traveling alone, but also what the disadvantages are -because yes, to be honest, there are of course those too-. I only suffered from those drawbacks very occasionally (5% of the time). The other 95% is simply blown away:


Three benefits

1. Ultimate freedom

Traveling alone gives you the ultimate freedom to go where you want. No consultation about: What are we going to eat? What do you want to do? Just stroll through the city if you feel like it.

And if you don't like the city, just take the bus to your next destination. Ready. Simple as that. It is the ultimate feeling of freedom.


2. Making contact easier

Of course, you also make friends when you travel together, but when you travel alone, you are more dependent on your fellow travelers, who you don't know yet.

I met so many people traveling alone; perhaps half the people I met traveled alone. And that means that there is always someone who is just like you in for a hike or wine or beer (or four).

In a short time, you get to know each other very well, and that makes the contacts much more intense than when you travel together, in my experience.


3. Pushing boundaries

Traveling alone is great fun, but it's also very scary. The idea of traveling alone scares some people so much that they never do it, even if they really want to. Shame isn't it?!

But as it is with many things in life, it all works out in the end. You will be amazed at what you can do yourself and how nice you can have it on your own.

It's true on your solo journey, you get to know yourself and push your limits. You can do more than you think!


Three disadvantages

1. Lonely Moments

Perhaps the biggest fear of single travelers: what should I do on my own again? Well, believe me, you'll have fun. I made my second trip alone this summer, and I was never bored.

But if you do feel alone once, you do feel really alone. Because when you travel, you sometimes have a bad day. And yes, that's some shit.

Luckily, I didn't have many of those moments, but they were just plain jerks when I did. There, I said it.


2. Always be focused

Even if you have been an adult for years: traveling alone is really 110% responsible for yourself. There is nothing like living on your own. Everything is now up to you. In critical situations, you can't even discuss what is useful to do.

Are you the only one being dropped somewhere in the dark? You cry later. You have to make sure you're safe. Want to sleep on the bus? Forget it. You don't want to miss your stop because you certainly don't want to have to explain in a foreign language what your intention is. There is no beginning.

But fear not. You don't experience such moments very often, but they do happen. Very? No, it is not! Cost that? A lot of energy.


3. Practical matters

In the evening, have something to eat on your own. I wouldn't say I liked that. Evening meal I always like to do with someone when I am traveling. Now sometimes, there was no one to discuss the structure of the rice and the meaning of life.

And what else, not very unimportant: who should rub your back if you go to the beach alone?

Who needs to take a selfie of you, which also has to be a little OK, and preferably also taken from a certain angle? That will all be fine. You just ask. But you do become a bit dependent on it.


The conclusion

You might not say it after reading the three drawbacks, but I really enjoy traveling alone. It offers so much freedom and so many options. I experienced the journey much more consciously than when I traveled with my boyfriend, friends, or family.

I, therefore, advise everyone to go on a trip or vacation with yourself. Believe me; the pros really outweigh the cons. You can do more than you think.

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