11 Tips to Help You Dress Comfortably During Pregnancy

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Publish Date : 2021-08-17 14:54:49
11 Tips to Help You Dress Comfortably During Pregnancy

Gone are the days when pregnant women had to disguise a burgeoning waistline and a beautiful pregnant belly under some tent-like creations. Today, women know that they look their beautiful best when pregnant and that this part of life is to be celebrated, cherished, and enjoyed, so pregnancy fashion has evolved to reflect this.

Looking good during pregnancy is essential also because a woman's rapidly changing body shape at this time can be discouraging. Here are some pregnancy fashion tips to help you look your ravishing best through the nine months and beyond.

#Aim for pregnant, not fat

This is the mistake that many pregnant women tend to make – simply buying oversized clothes rather than buying clothes made for pregnant women, with a large belly and regular-sized limbs in mind. The idea is not to appear large or fat but to look pregnant. Lose the tent dresses and the huge prints and aim for empire waists or a bodice with fitted upper half and flowing lower half, or tops with ruching or a side tie to gently caress the belly.

#Indulge yourself a bit

Look for lovely textures and fabric, sexy drapes, elegant cuts that skim and suggest rather than cling, pick colors that you like, which flatter your coloring and that you find uplifting (you may find that your mood could do with some help during pregnancy). Aim for stylish and flattering; Ditch the frumpy and dull.

#Don't go overboard with the maternity wear shopping

Remember, you will really need maternity wear in the latter half of your pregnancy and for a few months after the baby's arrival. Until the 4th or 5th month of pregnancy, you may well be able to manage with most of your other regular clothes. You'll need a few flowy maternity tops that can be teamed with loose-fitting, basic trousers or a formal skirt to give you lots of mix-and-match variety. What you don't need is a whole new wardrobe or lots of dresses.

#Underwear is important

Breasts are one of the body areas that put on a significant amount of weight during pregnancy, and many women go up a cup size or two during pregnancy and breastfeeding. So invest in good quality maternity bras with broad straps and extra support. If you like, you can buy easy access nursing bras that can last even after the baby's arrival for convenient breastfeeding. Don't try and squeeze into smaller-size bras with little or no support and get at least three good quality bras that fit correctly and offer better support.

#Pay attention to your feet

They have to cope with a lot more weight than before and have a hard time balancing properly with the altered center of balance that pregnant women have to get used to. Also, feet can swell during pregnancy, up to one shoe size. Get comfortable, low-heeled shoes that fit properly. Don't try to squeeze into small size shoes and ditch the stilettos for a while.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life and makes her body change in various ways. Most women will still want to look and feel attractive while these changes are occurring. Thanks to the excellent selection of maternity wear available, there's no reason why a woman can't look as fashionable as ever during her pregnancy.

#Buy the right size

The first step to looking great in your maternity wear is to buy clothes in the correct size. Sizing in maternity wear is generous, so you should probably start wearing maternity clothes in the size you usually wear. They are cut to accommodate growth around the breasts and abdomen, so your usual size should fit perfectly.

#Look for adequate room

When trying on clothes, make sure that they don't restrict you around those areas. While some maternity clothes may look fashionable, they are primarily designed for comfort. They are designed to stay loose and flowing without looking like they swamp the woman. Choosing maternity clothes made from quality fabrics will make you look stylish without trying them. Natural materials, such as cotton, are best because they will allow your skin to breathe.

#Try maternity jeans

In the past, jeans would have been a no-go during pregnancy, but nowadays, there's a vast range of super stretchy maternity jeans available. Some are designed to sit underneath your expanding belly, while others contain elasticated panels to accommodate the growth. Either way, they will ensure that you remain fashionable yet comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

#Don't sacrifice style for comfort

When women look for maternity clothes, they often sacrifice style for comfort. Many expectant mums are also surprised by the cost of creating an entirely new wardrobe to accommodate their changing bodies. While it's true that it can be expensive, there is one item every pregnant woman should invest in: the maternity dress.

#Buy maternity dresses

One of the most sought-after items of maternity clothing are dresses. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to slip on and off, and can easily hide the multitude of things you may want to be hidden at this point. There's no doubt about it; a beautiful maternity dress is a must-have for any woman about to give birth.

Try doubling up on value by buying lightweight maternity dresses that double as breastfeeding clothes. You can find an array of dresses that will see you through your pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond. In other words, These lovely maternity dresses can be doubled up as nursing dresses with discreet designs that both flatter you and allow easy access for the baby.

#Shop online

Buying maternity clothes online is a perfect idea. Online shopping must have been made for all pregnant women; after all, who wants to venture into all the stores in town looking for something you can buy without leaving the comfort of your home? Online shopping can save a mum-to-be a great deal of hassle and effort. When shopping online, you can find a gorgeous selection of maternity wear and nursing clothes that suit your body type. And the best thing? You can be sure to find reasonably priced maternity wear that is simply stunning!

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