Why engagement rings are considered as a symbol of togetherness

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Publish Date : 2021-05-31 12:31:22
Why engagement rings are considered as a symbol of togetherness

Engagement rings are quite popular among couples and are used to signify togetherness. It is used when a woman accepts the marriage proposal and wears the ring to show that she is committed. It usually takes a while to plan a wedding with family and friends, so an engagement ring depicts the commitment for the period. The tradition of presenting an engagement ring is believed to have originated in Rome when women wore rings attached to keys to indicate the husband’s ownership over them. But it was in 1477 when an Archduke commissioned an actual engagement ring for his betrothal. This act sparked the trend for engagement rings. Today, couples don’t wear the ring to show ownership, but it’s more to show the commitment to stay together lifelong. Here are some reasons why an engagement ring means so much to a couple.

-The engagement ring is round, meaning that the love between two people is constant, without an end. It is an infinite love that will transcend life.

-The ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it is believed that the finger has a vein that connects directly to the heart. This tradition is believed to have come from the Romans, and they called the vein “vena amoris” – the vein of love. Thus, the ring is a symbol of love between two people.

-The most important thing about an engagement ring is commitment, the promise to get married and stand by each other’s side. It is this promise that gives meaning to the ring and hence signifies togetherness.

Couples often engrave meaningful messages on the engagement ring, making them all the more special. Around 80 percent of women receive engagement rings in cultures where it is considered normal. Of course, there are cultures where engagement rings aren’t worn. In some cultures, the engagement ring is worn on the right hand because the left is considered impure. The traditions vary, but largely, engagement rings remain popular.

Some engagement ring designs are so popular that most jewelry stores stock them. They are:

Hidden halo rings

The hidden halo engagement rings are quite unique. The setting on this ring has a diamond sitting on top of a halo of smaller diamonds. This design results in a ring that can wow the viewers as it has the perfect design when considering factors such as light and sparkle. The hidden halo is a wide umbrella for a design, and it can be further customized into - crown diamond ring, pave love knot, contemporary side halo, etc.

Eternity rings

An eternity or infinity type of ring can make for a pretty engagement ring. It consists of a precious metal band that is lined with identical cut gemstones. This signifies never-ending love. The meaning behind this ring is special, and it can be further customized to make a unique engagement ring.

Solitaire rings

A solitaire is any piece of jewelry with a single diamond. Similarly, a solitaire ring has a single diamond on it with a plain band made from precious metals. Solitaires generally showcase large stones, as that is the whole point of it. It is a timeless and classic design that still has a lot of popularity.

Engagement rings signify so much, but you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get them. Instead of natural diamonds, if you opt for lab grown diamonds UK, then you can get them at a price that matches your budget. However big the stone or whatever the price, in engagement rings and matters of love, it is the effort and thought that matters!

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