Why Silicone Pipes, Bubblers, and Dab Rigs are the Best

Author : jessicawilson007
Publish Date : 2021-12-15 18:19:15
Why Silicone Pipes, Bubblers, and Dab Rigs are the Best

Are you a fan of smoking, and you wonder which is the best smoking pipe to use? Worry not because here's the best alternative for you. Silicone smoking pipes are of the highest quality and are BPA-free. These silicone pipes have become the recent evolution in the smoking industry which gained popularity due to the frustrations of the glass smoking pipes.

They are the food-grade type that is easy to wash and are heat resistant. They also have a glass bowl which will ensure you get a clean burn and it can never break or shatter. Here's why silicone pipes, bubblers, and dab rigs are the best option available.

Safe for Smoking

All the silicone smoking pipes, bubblers, and dab rigs are made BPA-free, food-grade material, and dishwasher safe. Provided you buy a good quality silicone pipe, it will never break, and you also get a lifetime warranty. Choosing the best quality silicone pipes is essential because you will be using your pipe at very high temperatures. Also, note when selecting the dab rigs and the oil rings, make sure they don't contain BPA. This is because you will be using butane torch lighters that have pretty high temperatures.

What is BPA?

Also known as bisphenol A, it is a substance found in most plastic containers, and it has been proven to be harmful when consumed. For this reason, people have been warned about storing food in certain types of plastic containers. BPA can increase blood pressure, and it can also cause health effects in the brain and the prostate gland of fetuses, tiny babies, and children.

Silicone Pipes are Unbreakable

Many people have changed to silicone smoking pipes because they are pretty flexible and last longer than glass pipes. Silicone pipes can survive when put in rough conditions, and they can still hold up perfectly. You can drop it, step on it or even throw it, but it will never break; it can only get marks and dirt, which you can quickly wash away.

It is Flexible

If you are traveling or visiting a friend, you can easily carry your silicone pipe and bubble without worrying if it might break. You can bend t to fit your pocket or push it down with extra clothes to create more space. The silicone pipes may have a glass bowl inside, but this is only to ensure you get the best burn with pure taste.

Easy to Clean and Environmentally Friendly

The silicone bubblers and pipes are made to withstand high temperatures, and this also makes them pretty easy to clean. Just throw it in the dishwasher or use any cleaning solution, and you will get rid of the dirt. Silicone pipes are also made from food-grade material and BPA-free, making them pretty friendly to the environment.

Silicone has revolutionized the smoking industry as it has brought in more options for smokers, dabblers, and vapers across the world. It may have a few setbacks, but it is a much better alternative compared to the glass pipes. The benefits make it an excellent fit to add to your smoking pipes, rigs, and vapes collection.

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