Opening a café: 7 tips for getting started successfully and lasting!

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Publish Date : 2021-04-16 11:36:54
Opening a café: 7 tips for getting started successfully and lasting!

The favorite drink of the United States, coffee is consumed daily by nearly 90% of them. If America is the most dynamic region channeling the opening of new establishments, these modern agoras tend to disappear throughout the United States, against the advice of the population. Faced with more and more closures, here are our 7 seven tips for opening a profitable and lasting café!

1. A solid business plan to convince potential investors

Before opening your business, you must define a guideline and clearly defined objectives to develop a project that will last over time. A  cafe business plan will detail the concept, the necessary investments, the expected benefits, the possibilities of financing until your future marketing strategy. To which can be added information on the target customers, the location and a competitive study.

2. A choice of location crucial for your success

An ideal location is an easily accessible place, which is in the roaming area of ​​customers, especially in the morning. Out of 85% of fans of daily coffee, 80% indeed consume it for breakfast. Before committing to signing a lease, spend time on site and measure the passage at different times of the day and on the day of the week. This will help you determine whether there are enough potential customers, whether the establishment is visible and how the competition is performing. The amount of the rent must not exceed 10% of sales, the premises must be large enough to offer adequate seating, fairly wide corridors, space for production and storage areas, etc. Note: the premises on the street corner generate around ⅓ more income than traditional locals!

3. Win the battle of red tape

We'll look at things like drink laws, hygiene and safety codes, restaurant licences, and legal show obligations, among other things. These factors have an effect on venue selection, product offerings, and financial planning. Serving alcoholic beverages is recommended in catering; however, you would require a liquor licence from the start. Consult the local chamber of commerce and industry for advice; they will help businesses caught in the bureaucratic maze.

4. Different funding possibilities


You will pay for your coffee in a variety of ways. Community banks are historically the source of funding for projects, with the amount varying depending on the level of confidence formed with your bank and the legitimacy of your plan. In total, you'll need a personal donation, which may come from your own investments, family, crowdfunding, or company startup assistance. Upstream analysis can help you learn how the industry operates, who your competitors are, and where you can find niche opportunities to exploit. Your experience and planning would therefore persuade clients as a result of your analysis.


5. Clear processes and good organization


A good organization and structuring of your processes will guarantee the success and the growth of your coffee. If the service is efficient, customers will be satisfied and come back. Your staff must be briefed, everyone must know their role and know how to use the cash register and other equipment. The method of preparing food and drinks must be developed and of high quality in compliance with safety and hygiene standards.

6. Good suppliers for quality products

The atmosphere, the service and the products make the success of an establishment, customers wanting to live a unique experience. Calculate your costs and prices well, offer qualitative and exclusive products. In this environment, having good suppliers is essential because exceptional coffee beans are worth gold. Building a relationship of trust with your suppliers will take time but will facilitate your work in the long term, you

will be able to negotiate discounts on bulk purchases and faster deliveries. In addition, investing in quality equipment will allow you to offer a unique taste experience for a long time.

7. Build customer loyalty through marketing

How to draw attention to your cafe on opening day? Simply start by handing out flyers, so that residents are aware of your arrival. Invite local businesses and the press on an opening day. If the target lends itself to it, consider offering discount coupons in limited quantity and duration. Have your cafe added to Google Maps, you will appear on interested parties' Google searches with photos and information such as your opening hours. You will also need a website or a Facebook page to retain and inform your customers, this will allow you to create events, special offers, present your new products and build a solid customer database.

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