Is wallpaper or paint the best for your commercial property?

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-07-16 10:34:51
Is wallpaper or paint the best for your commercial property?

It’s normal to weigh your options for decorating and designing a commercial place.  And the confusion between wallpapers and paints for your offices and commercial centres has been going on for decades. If you are confused about these two factors, then you are not alone on the boat. There are lots of commercial property owners like you who are considering both of these options for their commercial centre and are deliberating upon which is the best one for them (after thinking about a lot of factors).

Paint v/s wallpapers for commercial centres

Whenever you are considering the options of either wallpaper or paint for your commercial center, just keep in mind that the wallpapers should be of great quality and even the paint should be of the top-notch brand. And you should hire only experienced commercial painters in Auckland from RMC Painting for this job. They are specialists in painting such commercial properties and making such huge spaces look wonderful. Now to know whether wallpaper or paint should be your ideal choice, read on. 

  • The surface preparation — When you are picking wallpapers for your commercial center, remember that you don't have to emphasize on the preparation of the walls before installing them. Any kind of surface behind them is okay and enough to hold this paper on it. While if you are painting a surface, you have to ensure that the background is levelled and smooth. Only then you can ensure that your paint job would be an excellent one.
  • Durability issue — We all know that wallpapers are less durable as compared to the painted surfaces. But again, if you have a rental property, then going for paints would be a mistake. Consider opting for wallpapers instead. And if you have a permanent commercial centre or your lease is of more than three to five years, then paint would be the most suitable option for you.
  • Maintenance — The maintenance of wallpaper is actually quite less compared to painted surfaces. You don't have to clean it or wipe it like you have to do on painted walls. But yes, the wallpapers are more prone to scratches and damages like getting torn. On the other hand, the painted surfaces (if you are using good quality paint) can withstand these attacks very easily.
  • Expense matter — We understand that you are considering the expense part very seriously. Yes, we agree that wallpapers are comparatively more affordable and quicker to install. But they can’t last as long as paint does. While a painting job and even the material required for the same can be very expensive. Even the labour and time invested in it are more. However, it gets evened up if we consider the long life of these paints (as compared to the wallpapers).

Both the options — the wallpapers and the paints -- tend to create a fantastic appealing look in your commercial centre. How about blending them both in the décor and creating a fusion that would be breath-taking and also functional?!  

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