How To Use Temporary Fencing During Covid

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Publish Date : 2021-04-19 16:42:52
How To Use Temporary Fencing During Covid

The pandemic has led to many shutdowns across the city. As a result, businesses and public spaces are finding a new need to use temporary fencing. Here are ways to use temporary fencing during COVID and the benefits it offers.

Crowd Control

In areas where crowds tend to gather, temporary fencing helps to contain larger groups. Whether it is a lineup at the mall, vaccine centers, or testing facilities, the need for social distancing in hand with helping contain people within certain areas continues to present safety issues. Using temporary fencing to keep people on sidewalks, show them where they can and can’t stand, and keep some semblance of order will make it easier and safer for crowd control.

Shut Off Public Outdoor Space

Open outdoor areas that are now off-limits due to varying stages of shut down can also be indicated using temporary fencing. This would include public spaces such as:

  • Playgrounds
  • Parking lots for outdoor spaces such as parks
  • Public drinking fountains
  • Public washrooms
  • Wading pools

Temporary fencing helps keep people from gathering in public spaces, while also helping people understand where they can and can’t go.

Indicate Closed Sections in Retail

Because there are constant changes to directives for retail, some retailers might need to close sections and departments of their stores. This often is a challenge for “big box” stores where they sell both essential and non-essential items. Temporary fencing can provide a clear message to shoppers that an area is off-limits. It provides a more substantial deterrent to avoid conflict where staff can be put at risk. It also makes the shopping experience easier for customers who might be unclear on what departments are considered essential.

Create Temporary Spaces

In the case where temporary spaces might be required such as for vaccination clinics, testing facilities, outdoor areas for retailers, etc. temporary fences help define designated areas. Fences serve as temporary walls and in the case where privacy is required can be set up with privacy screens. They also are ideal for signage to help with wayfinding when people are visiting temporary sites and aren’t sure where they need to go.

Benefits of Temporary Fencing During COVID

Using temporary fencing offers many benefits including:

  • They can help direct people to support social distancing
  • Medical centers and hospitals can help contain units dedicated to COVID care, testing or vaccines
  • They provide added security at areas closed down during the pandemic
  • They provide safety in situations where people are lining up for services
  • They manage crowd control
  • They are easy to move and reset up to meet the changing needs of restrictions


Temporary fences are also affordable options for municipalities and commercial properties. Instead of investing in permanent fencing that will hopefully soon not be required, they can rent the fences and then remove them once things begin to re-open.

Temporary fencing Calgary has many applications during COVID. It is flexible, moveable, and easy to install providing the ideal solution until the pandemic is under control.

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