How To Choose The Wheelchair Elevator For Your Needs

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Publish Date : 2021-04-19 17:15:30
How To Choose The Wheelchair Elevator For Your Needs

If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair it can pose access issues in your home. However, the wheelchair elevators Calgary homeowners install offer an excellent solution. You can often have access to all areas in the home, without the need for major renovations. Here we provide tips to help you choose the best wheelchair elevator for your needs.

Consider How You Will Use the Wheelchair

To get started, consider how the wheelchair will have to be used in the home. Ask these questions:

  • Is it needed in the home, or just when you have to go out?
  • Does your home have several floors?
  • Is the main challenge getting into and out of the home?
  • Is the wheelchair your only way to remain mobile, or are you able to get up and move around without it?

These questions will help you understand not only the type of elevator but also where the elevator needs to be placed to offer the most assistance.

What Type of Wheelchair Do You Have?

The type of wheelchair you are using is also important. While an electric wheelchair makes it easier to use the elevator, a manual wheelchair can present challenges as they are more difficult to maneuver. You might also find you need more space for certain types of wheelchairs. Consider how you get around the spot where you are considering adding the wheelchair elevator to help determine the right type of elevator for your needs.

What Size is Your Wheelchair?

As with above, the type and size of the wheelchair must be considered when choosing the right wheelchair elevator Calgary needs. This is because you need to understand a number of things including:

  • How much weight the elevator can accommodate
  • How much width and depth the wheelchair takes up
  • How much additional depth the wheelchair takes up when you are in it
  • How tall you are when seated in the wheelchair if you are using the elevator alone
  • How much space the arms and footrests take-up

All of these details will help when considering the dimensions and weight capacities of your wheelchair elevator.

Home Space

Once you understand how much space your wheelchair takes up, consider the physical space in your home. Where does it make the most sense to install the wheelchair elevator? If there isn’t enough space inside, what changes can you make to the home, i.e. knocking out a wall? Is there a possibility you can install the wheelchair elevator on the exterior of your home if space is too tight inside? Is there somewhere you can install the elevator without supporting walls? For example, Home Elevator's twin rail system can be placed almost anywhere, making it the ideal choice where space is limited.


Of course, budget is an important consideration. There are many compact options available that offer all of the necessary functions, while also allowing you to have a cost-effective home wheelchair elevator installation.

Considering all of these factors will make it easier to find the ideal wheelchair elevator for your needs.

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