Best Cake Boxes In Bulk To Protect Delicious Cakes

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Publish Date : 2021-04-29 06:54:32
Best Cake Boxes In Bulk To Protect Delicious Cakes

Cakes are popular bakery products present at many happy occasions. You will get a cake at a birthday, anniversary, wedding, business party, etc. They are enjoyed and are available in many flavors. Due to their demand, many brands are creating scrumptious-looking cakes. It makes it challenging for consumers to choose which one to get. They will go towards the brand that gives them something of quality and that which is delicious. To show that you favor quality, you should get strong cake boxes in bulk to package these precious products in. 

Interesting Facts About Cake Boxes

The cake has to be kept in its original shape when it reaches the customer. If the shape gets damaged in any way, it will not be liked by people. To be able to achieve this, it is necessary to place the product in something sturdy that will guarantee it remains fresh whilst staying safe. Cake boxes are useful here. They keep the merchandise safe from any harmful influence like germs. The packaging can be made attractive to market the brand and product. 

The following tells you about top custom cake packaging to keep your tasty cakes protected:

Use Of Best Quality Material

If you want to keep these products safe you need to invest in the best material to make the boxes from. There are many packaging materials options available in the market. It is necessary to choose the one best suited for your product. Cardboard and Kraft are popular materials that can be considered to make the boxes. These are strong and will keep the product in good shape. 

The materials are even eco-friendly. The brand will reduce its carbon footprint. Consumers who are environmentally conscious will be attracted to buy from a business that chooses this material. 

Safe For The Cakes

The material must be safe for the cakes. It should not have harmful chemicals which can go into the food and spoil it. This will make it unsafe for people to consume. Get material that is clean like the ones stated above. You will be making sure that customers' health is not impacted negatively. 

Easy to Carry Packaging

The boxes should be easy to carry so that they do not fall and harm the cake inside. You need to choose a material that is lightweight like cardboard and Kraft. It is strong yet lightweight. The packaging can have a handle that will make it simple to hold. Gable boxes work here. They have a handle located at the top. The packaging looks attractive and is easy to carry. The handle can be decorated with accessories like ribbons to give an elegant look. 

You need to make sure that the cake box and its handle are strong. Cake is a very sensitive product and it can lose its shape and get damaged when pressure is applied to it. 

Keep Size In Mind

The size of the packaging is important if you are focusing on creating something that will keep your cakes safe. The right size custom box needs to be made. It is useless if you have designed the packaging attractively but it breaks affecting the product. This gives a bad impression of the brand. The cake has to be measured and the right size box created. If it is too large, the cake can move around. This can harm it. The icing and other decorations on it can get affected. If it is too small, the cake will be congested. Once again, its decorations can get damaged. You need to therefore get the exact right size. 

You will be saving money in this way also. This is because it will not be wasted on material that is not needed. 

The Shape Of The Box Is Important

Some brands may want to get unique shapes for cake packaging. No doubt it can make the product be prominent in front of the competition. However, you need to get a shape that will not damage the item inside. It should be easy to hold the box, stack it, etc. If you have made a unique shaped cake, the box can have a shape like this if it will guarantee the safety of the cake. Your packaging will be able to stand out. 

Design Attractively

The protection of the cakes is important but you should design packaging well so that it draws the eyes of potential consumers. The printing methods used should not harm the food product inside. The customer base has to be kept in mind here. If the cakes are for kids, then make the boxes bright with cartoon images. If they are for adults then the minimalist trend works. Here everything is kept simple. 

The cakes may be made for a special occasion. If this is the case the packaging can have the themes of the occasion. Your business may make special boxes for birthday cakes, anniversary ones, weddings, etc. This type of cake box is preferred because it can be given as a gift and look amazing. 

Choose colors, images, patterns, etc. carefully here. They should attract those customers that the cakes are intended for. 

Let The Product Be Seen

Cakes are usually made to look attractive and delicious. When customers see them then they will be more confident in buying the product. You do not want shoppers to constantly open the boxes to check how the cake looks. This can damage it. To counter this issue window boxes can be considered. These have a transparent window which allows the beautiful cake to be seen. Consumers can get to see how much effort you have put into designing it.

The best cake boxes in bulk will be those that will keep your product safe. Research on the top material that will be able to do this. Make the boxes so that they fit the product in perfectly. Design packaging well allowing it to stand out. 


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